Bamboo Spark launched with EMR technology starting at Rs. 10975

Wacom has launched Bamboo Spark in three variants with EMR technology at Rs. 10975. Dubbed as smart folio device, Bamboo Spark enables people to write down handwritten notes, which can be used to capture, shape and share ideas.

According to Wacom, based in Japan (Tokyo Stock Exchange 6727), once a content has been written on the notepad in Bamboo Spark, people will never lose ideas. Moreover, users will be able to synchronize content on the device to the Wacom Cloud, for the purpose of future usage.

Commenting on the launch, Mike Gay, Senior Vice President, Wacom disclosed that Bamboo Spark is an ideal solution for those users who love the joy of freedom. The device is designed in such a way to simplify the life of the people since they can casually write notes and rough sketches while attending meetings and debates including the ability to share ideas.

By combining Wacom’s core digital pen technology in a smartpen and smart folio, the revolutionary Bamboo Spark enables users to write and sketch on A5 paper easily. The device makes effective use of smart folio’s EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) board to communicate with the highly sensitive pen.


To work with Bamboo Spark, you simply need to download the Bamboo Spark app available for iOS and Android platforms with Bluetooth Smart technology. After that, you should pair the device with the app. Once you complete this process, you can begin to write notes. In order to save content, you should push the button in the center of the device.

Responding to media queries, Manu Nanda, President & Managing Director, Wacom India revealed that the company is tightening its presence in consumer portfolio and the latest offering shows the commitment to provide high-quality products to tech savvy users in India.

With the ability to save up to 100 pages in offline mode, you can edit notes from within the app and export them to cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote, and Bamboo Paper.

As mentioned above, Bamboo Spark comes in three variants. While the gadget pocket model features placeholders for smartphone, pen, business cards and paper, the tablet sleeve variant is manufactured using premium neoprene and provides extra room to accommodate the accessories. The company also released a model to integrate iPad Air 2, pen and paper.