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How VR Technology can change the Gaming Industry

No longer a niche, virtual reality applications are quickly evolving. Social behavior, gaming, and new technologies are interconnected. This synergy can transform how we experience situations, our behavior and broaden our horizons. It also, however, lets game designers develop new gaming experiences. This includes online casinos, and Euro Palace Online Casino is no stranger to the VR technology that is so popular.

Virtual Reality is any technology that eliminates distractions with opacity, replacing as many of your senses as possible with the world which you are immersed into. Not just vision is affected, as audio and olfactory senses, plus touch technology, are all folded into the experience of V.R.

There are four major ways in which V.R. is changing the gaming experience:

What Isn’t Possible in Reality is Possible in Virtual Reality

VR brings you into the scene, instead of just showing you things. It radically embodies you in the simulation and can let you not only see things from a different perspective but put you right into the shoes of other people. You can see their experiences – ones which you wouldn’t have thought of.

Virtual reality technology makes a world of imagination, capable of breaking the boundaries of traditional learning and education. Children learn by doing, and here they wouldn’t just read about history, they would-be historians, for example.

Emotions Bringing Scenes Closer

VR allows players to be involved more in what is happening around them, giving them many more tools than flat-screen gaming. At its best, flat-screens can make you feel bad about what is going on, but with VR you can turn up the dial tremendously and feel like you are really there. You feel like a witness to what’s going on and that you have a responsibility towards the events. This is something which games have been able to at their very best, but Virtual Reality gives you more tools to do this.

The Protagonist’s Importance

The protagonist in flat-screen gaming is typically a safe choice, but VR is taking a more interesting approach. It is not easy to role-play someone you are not interested in. instead, by giving you someone interesting even if they’re quite different than you, and they are not someone we are told we should identify with easily, then it is interesting to go back to the simulation over and over.

Creating Social Experiences with Collaborative Gaming Situations

V.R. can also make social experiences in gaming. While one person is in the V.R. headset, they are the only ones who can see the virtualized elements. Think of a puzzle where this person can see the elements, and it is their job to communicate to a team what they are seeing. Then it is the team’s job to infer from that, what is the right thing to do.

These situations are nothing new, and in gaming, this type of playing is called asynchronous gameplay. Different users have different types of information and must put them together to solve the problem given to them. This makes for a fantastic social experience.

When you combine this concept with V.R., you don’t just take advantage of the fact that the screen is closer to your eyes, it is also taking advantage of the fact that one user had one kind of perception, while others around them have totally different kinds of perceptions.

Different types of games are being developed where you do not have to share information, and part of the game is at a meta-level where the gamely play is effectively and successfully sharing information you have with people around you.

What is especially interesting is the interplay between public and intimate. Many of the V.R. experiences are designed to be solo entertainment experiences. However, on the other hand, you have the important social element in V.R., where other people in the room could participate in what you are experiencing, which really draws people in.

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