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Volkswagen India recalls 3 lakh last gen Skoda Superb over diesel emission scandal

Involved in a huge emission scandal, the German automobile behemoth Volkswagen has finally started calling back its diesel cars in India. The first one of the lot is Skoda Superb. The affected cars belong to all of its brands including the big three: Audi, Skoda, and the named Volkswagen. An estimated number of 300,000 cars from the group are involved.

After getting the approval for its proposed solutions, the recall has been initiated so that the proposals are implemented. The last-gen Skoda Superb had the 2.0-litre diesel engine which was bugged with a cheat software and add-on to bypass the emission test.
The software helped the engine emit less pollution in a controlled environment, but it emitted 40 percent more pollution under normal conditions.

Volkswagen India to update new software

The new software updates shall control the emissions for the 1.5l and the 2.0l engines, whereas a plastic filter in the air intake shall reduce the pollution for the 1.2l engine. The owners will be reached out to by the dealerships and service centers for the recalls to make the call-back happen. They will be replaced free of cost.

Last month, the company recalled around nine million vehicles. It called on the owners to return their Amarok light pickup trucks to get a free software fix so that the vehicles become compliant with the European Emission laws. Volkswagen also has been dealing with US environmental regulators who are pressuring them to recall 600,000 vehicles.

The diesel emission norms have started to get tightened in the country. The new BS VI regulations (move impending 2020) in the country has already started to put a full-stop to diesel engines among mid-budget cars in the country. This has affected the biggest of brands like Honda, Suzuki, etc. More models are going to follow the exit from diesel in the country.