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Vodafone users can now choose their own numeric combinations

Vodafone India has launched a facility that allows the users in Delhi NCR to choose the numeric combination of their choice for phone numbers. This facility has been made available for both prepaid and postpaid users.

In a statement regarding this recent facility, Vodafone said, “Customers can approach any of the 52 stores, 212 mini stores and over 40,000 multi-brand outlets, from where they buy the new connections, for the availability of the desired combination.”

For postpaid users, the first four digits of the number will be fixed whereas for the pre-paid users the last five digits will be fixed. The rest of the digits can be chosen by the user.

When asked for his comment on this facility, Vodafone India Business Head (Delhi and NCR) Apoorva Mehrotra said, “Our customer research also indicates that there is a deep interest amongst the mobile users to have numbers aligned with some significant event in their lives.”

Vodafone has been a top player in the Indian mobile telecommunication market. Since 2007, it has invested Rs. 1,11,000 Crore, which is a very significant. They have also hinted of further investments, amounting to Rs. 13,000 Crore that will be used for augmentation of capacity and other business initiatives that the firm has planned for the Indian market.