Vodafone India invests 500 crores to reduce call drops and improve services in New Delhi, NCR

Vodafone India

In a bid to enhance its services quality in New Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), Vodafone India has put in over Rs. 500 crores in FY15 till now. Vodafone India’s Managing Director, Sunil Sood confirmed the same and said that the New Delhi operations have been stepped up to tackle the service problems in the area. He said that the investment of Rs. 500 crores have been made in the April to November period of the FY15.

Apart from adding more personnel and offices to provide quality service to its customers, the company is going to meet the government soon to take up the issue of providing compensation to the customers for call drops.

The company has set up 160 towers in the last 4 weeks and 20-30 more sites would be added this month. He said that over 490 areas have been identified for setting up towers for improved network in the area.

Vodafone India has 6,000 towers in New Delhi and the National Capital Region.

Government Intervention

Telecom Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad has been asking the telcos to provide better services and improve their network infrastructure and this has also been a reason that Vodafone has stepped up work on the issue of call drops that have increased tremendously over the last few months but now the situation seems to in control.

Considerably Improvement in Call Drop Rate

New Delhi has seen an addition of more than 2,000 mobile towers over the last three months to control the call drops issue.

A Department of Telecom (DoT) official informed that 2,092 2G and 3G mobile sites had come up in New Delhi in the last 12 weeks and this has been able to bring down the rate of call drops significantly.

Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring (TERM) has recently conducted a survey and the DoT official said that it noted that the call drop rate had come down to 0.3 – 2.97% from 1.53-6.63% over the last 3 months. Bharti Airtel witnessed this at 0.08-2.98% from the previous 2.92 – 17.77%.

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