Vodafone celebrates 1 crore Delhi NCR subscriber base with ‘Get a Gift’ campaign

One of the largest telecommunication company Vodafone India has reached 1 billion subscribers in Delhi NCR, as claimed by the firm. In celebration of the achievement with customers, the company has initiated a “Get a Gift” campaign where Vodafone will giveaway gifts like gold, cars, bikes, and more at a regular interval.

All Vodafone customers in the region are eligible to get gifts ranging from talk time (every minute), Smartphone (every alternate hour), LED TV (every day), a bike (every week), car (every fortnight) and Gold as a Bumper Gift. The gifts are open to all Vodafone post-paid and pre-paid customers in Delhi NCR. The campaign began on 15th June 2016 and will go on until the 31st of July, 2016.

Mr. Apoorva Mehrotra, Business Head – Delhi NCR, Vodafone India said that Vodafone’s business philosophy lies in rewarding their customers for their and giving excellent customer experience. The company’s decision to reward customers marks the start of their loyalty program.

Vodafone’s latest campaigns have been very frequent, especially in the Delhi NCR region. It also announced Vodafone SuperNet 4G recently, providing customers with all-round benefits of a seamless network experience.

‘Get a Gift’ campaign details:

Eligibility: All subscribers are eligible.

Process: The selection will be made through a random draw, which will be seen through by an independent auditor.

Following are the gifts:

  • Talk time (every minute)
  • Smart Phone (every alternate hour)
  • LED TV (every day)
  • A bike (every week)
  • Car (every Fortnight)
  • Gold as a Bumper Gift

The gifts in the campaign are meant to be given to the beneficiary in whose name the mobile number is registered, and it is the beneficiary’s responsibility to produce those documents and credentials to prove his/her identity. This has to be taken care by the beneficiary personally.