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Vivo reportedly working on a transparent smartphone

vivo v5 india launch

Vivo’s spokesperson Song Zhongji Obama appeared in an image on Weibo that features a completely transparent smartphone. The promo put up by Vivo features what looks like their latest upcoming smartphone, quite possibly an extension to their existing X-series lineup; either the X7 or X7 Plus.

Vivo managed to make some appearances throughout the 2016 movie, Captain America 3. If you haven’t already noticed, Tony Stark- the tech wiz, also known as Iron Man, is seen flaunting a similar transparent device. The device acts as a phone but looks like a futuristic piece of gadgetry.

The ad on Weibo doesn’t give you any details about the smartphone. From the looks of it, the image of the smartphone is highly reflective around the seams, like a metallic bezel would be if a high beam of light were cast on it. It also makes sense for the seemingly transparent smartphone to have a skeletal frame or bezel around it to hold it together.

vivo transparent smartphone

In an age where convertible tablets are replacing lightweight laptops and where smartphones can be pulled apart and restructured with utility-based modules, Vivo seems to have adopted a completely fresh outlook to appealing its audiences.

Vivo just released their latest line-up of smartphones this April, so it is unclear as to when to expect the upcoming phone that has just been teased.

While it may be exciting to see an upcoming smartphone that is transparent, this could also be a method through which Vivo has decided to garner popularity for its upcoming device. Maybe the real phone’s just been photoshopped so its design remains hidden until its actual unveiling. One reason we say this is, while you can turn the outer housing of the smartphone transparent, you can’t possibly find third-party hardware that runs the phone in the same transparent make. At least not that we know of.

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