Vivaldi has announced the launch of its new browser, also called Vivaldi that it claims to be a better version of Opera browser due to its limitations. Jon von Tetzchner, founder of Vivaldi claims that the new browser targets power users who prefer using shortcuts and customizing their browsers.

The Vivaldi browser also has some features that are similar to those of Opera such as Speed Dial. It also has some important features such as annotation, mouse gestures, sidebar viewing, browser sessions and tab stacks. The browser is aimed at speeding up the browsing session for the user rather than making it appear untidy.

The browser also supports Chrome extensions. Thus, users do not have to struggle while looking for replacements for their add-ons. Vivaldi is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. It is still too early to gauge the performance of the first release, but the new browser should also be a welcome relief for those users seeking an alternative apart from the usual browsers.

Mr. Tetzchner is one of the founders of Opera, but he left the firm in 2011 after disagreements with the company’s directors as well as some of the managers. In one of his recent statements, he stated that Vivaldi’s goal was to create a dominant web browser.

He also described the Vivaldi browser as a throwback as well as a futuristic browser because it features a modern-classic design to give users the best experience possible. He also highlighted that the ability to customize the browser and to give it a simplistic appearance were also part of the target.

Most browser developers’ desire simplicity in their product, but that has been one of the most desired features especially for mobile devices. The Blink rendering engine was used to make the browser and the dependence on the engine not only made the development process smoother, but it also makes it possible for users to install their Chrome extensions making it as appealing as the Google browser.