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Virtual Reality: The Next Step for Online Gaming

Everyone within the online casino industry knows that in today’s fast-paced world, you either have to adapt or die. When new technology hits the market, online casino developers must find ways to incorporate it as quickly as possible, because if they don’t, their rivals will. Gamers are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative games or gaming platforms. RNG games of blackjack and roulette may have been revolutionary when they first appeared on the scene, but they quickly became yesterday’s news when live casino games were developed.

The next step for online gaming is virtual reality (VR), and software providers are on a mission to incorporate VR into their casino games. We’ve seen early versions of VR slot games and roulette games, and we’ve seen versions of VR casinos, but it is still early days. You might not be ready to use your casino bonus Canada on a VR slot game just yet, but it won’t be long before the whole online gaming landscape is shaped by VR.

What’s the Draw?

If the success of live casino games taught the gaming industry anything, it was that one ingredient that was thus far missing from the online landscape was social interaction. One of the biggest draws of a land-based casino is the crowd. Gamblers like to interact with other gamblers; they like to talk to a real-life dealer; they like to see real-life cards and roulette wheels in action. Real-life is hard to replicate. The live casino game genre was a compromise – a way to infuse a little real-life into a 2-dimensional setting.

The VR casino is the next compromise. If you can’t travel to a real-life casino, you can at least put on your headset and travel there virtually. The future of online casinos is virtual casinos where players can actually walk around and meet other players. These VR casinos already exist, but they haven’t yet reached their full potential.

Why the Wait?

The main hold-up in the development of VR games and VR gaming platforms has been the lack of commercially viable VR headsets. The development of the Oculus Rift, however, was a game-changer for VR. The success of this headset has made a few major gaming hardware companies sit up and take notice. Consumers are now ready to take the plunge and invest in exciting VR tech. Gamers have just been wary of buying pricey headsets and the computer hardware that goes with them too soon, and who can blame them? In the past, the cost of a headset was simply too high for most gamers to justify, especially with so few games available. No one wants to spend a small fortune only to have their hardware become obsolete when the tech has been improved.

And they were right to wait; gamers can now buy wireless headsets that can connect to their mobile phones, and they can download games directly from the said mobile device. And software companies have been equally cautious. If they’re going to invest in creating VR games, they need to be sure of the compatibility of the hardware.

What Does the Future Look Like?

We’re waiting for the software giants to create new VR casinos that will truly take us out of this world. The possibilities are seemingly endless. A VR casino could look and sound just like a world-famous casino; you could visit the Monte Carlo Casino, or you could explore the Bellagio. A VR casino could also look nothing like a traditional casino; the gaming tables could be set up in a tropical rainforest, or on the moon, or on another planet.

Slot games are in development that allows you to actually enter the game and go an adventure, spinning virtual reels as you go. We imagine that these games are likely to become multi-player in some way so that you can play slots with friends.

Whatever the finished product, the main concept is likely to be built around the idea of connecting people to other people. Giving people the chance to socialise and make new friends in a safe environment. Winning money is likely to become the cherry on the cake rather than the whole cake.

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