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Vine Releases “Vine Kids” for iOS

Vine is a popular video-sharing application. It only allows short videos to be recorded and shared with the followers. It’s almost like Twitter and Instagram, except that it allows to share short videos, a feature which has since been made available in both of the aforementioned services.

Up until now, Vine was available for people of all ages. But the company has just released Vine Kids, a new version of the app that’s focused exclusive on kids. The app has been released for iOS and on the iTunes store it says the app is made for kids aged 5 and under.

Vine’s Head of Communications and Marketing Carolyn Penner wrote on a blog post that the idea of a separate version of Vine which is only for kids came up during a company hack week. Following the idea, two members of the team started working on it and here it is. He also posted a short Vine of his daughter enjoying Vine Kids. “How can you resist that smile?!” he wrote.


This special version of Vine uses animated characters as the User Interface and only shows videos that are appropriate for kids. They can just swipe right and left to discover new Vine and tap to play and laugh.

Although the official Vine application is available in Android too, there was no words on whether Vine Kids will make its way to Google Play and when.