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ViewSonic Launches New X1 & X2 LED Projectors that Easily Turn Your Home into an Entertainment Space

Bringing a new realm to the X series projector segment, ViewSonic Corp., a leading global visual solutions provider, unveiled Full HD Smart LED Home Projectors – X1 and X2 to elevate home entertainment for cinema enthusiasts. Experience an unmatched entertainment with flexible options for installation, these projectors are ViewSonic’s first lamp-free high brightness smart projector for home.

The new addition to the X-series, X1 and X2 LED projectors are designed for all home entertainment spaces. Incorporating 3rd generation LED technology, these projectors provide brighter visuals and vibrant colours with a lifespan of 30,000-hour. Adapting enhanced audio experience, the projectors are embedded with a built-in Harman Kardon speaker, giving perfect home screenings of movies, live sports, and for playing video games. With its upgraded features and technology, both projectors substitute frequent lamp replacement and hazardous mercury projecting high-resolution with its 3,100 LED Lumens of brightness. In addition, with its 125% Rec. 709 colours wide colour gamut, both projectors deliver bright and true-to-life visuals in Full HD resolution unaffected by ambient light.

Mr. Muneer Ahmad, Vice President Sales and Marketing ViewSonic India, said, “Significant breakthroughs have brought the movie experience home, and our new additions, X1 and X2, are a perfect testimony of the same. The projectors aim at delivering the best home entertainment experience in the Indian projector market. We are striving to improve the home entertainment segment with our new LED projector solutions. As a pioneer and leader in LED technology, we aim to bring an exclusive and immersive viewing experience for all movie enthusiasts. We also aim to further develop and empower the sector with our 3rd generation of LED projectors. One of the core USPs of these projectors is that they provide immersive audio-visuals on a big screen anytime without significant installation and setup necessary. 

Building an Entertainment Hub Effortlessly

For living rooms or recreational spaces, ViewSonic’s X1- Smart LED home projector model can be mounted on the ceiling to utilise the area better. For smaller rooms, ViewSonic’s X2 Short Throw Smart LED Home Projector can be set on a tabletop, projecting a 100″ large screen from just 1.53m away. These visual solutions are combined with quality audio from dual Harman Kardon speakers, genuinely turning the room into an immersive entertainment space at home.

The X1 is loaded with exceptional features like a lens shift control knob that can vertically modify the image. Additionally, it offers versatility when placing the projector on the ceiling thanks to its 1.3x optical zoom lens. Users can choose a setup location within a range to get a large image that doesn’t interfere with existing interior designs, such as hanging lights or support beams.

Instant Enjoyment for Immersive Cinema Experience 

Turning the space into a mini cinema hall, both X1 and X2 projectors provide a simple and intuitive setup in the comfort of one’s home. Both projectors provide perfectly-shaped images from the top and side views, featuring a H/V keystone, four corner adjustments, and an auto keystone.

Furthermore, the screen mirroring features allow easy streaming from smart devices to the big screen. The projector also allows connecting a gaming console via a USB-C port, offering an extensive array of options for entertainment.

Additionally, the projector is loaded with features like easy Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi connection to attach Bluetooth headphones for private enjoyment for movie evenings or music streamed directly from your smartphone, making video streaming simpler than ever.

Model MRP Availability
ViewSonic X1- Smart LED home projector INR 1,99,000 November 2022
ViewSonic X2- Smart LED home projector INR 2,25,000 November 2022

The ViewSonic X1 and X2 projector are priced at INR 1,99,000 and INR 2,25,000 respectively.