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VideoProc: The easiest GoPro video editing tool to try out in 2019

Editing GoPro videos is a tough task, to be honest. Since there is quite a lot of video editing software’s are available out there which does not support GoPro files. Hence it becomes a tough task. However, it is not so hard a task as it seems only if you use the right editing tool.

And whenever it comes to the Easiest GoPro video editor, then we definitely need to name the VideoProc. VideoProc is one of the best video editing tools available out there. And in case if you have no idea what this tool is all about. Then let us guide you:

What is VideoProc?

VideoProc is one of the best GoPro video editor and 4K video transcoder for Windows and Mac. This GoPro video editing tool is extremely easy to use. And it can process 4K/HD videos, convert 4K/HD videos, download 4K videos easily. The software also comes with lots of editing tools and helps you compress and convert 4K videos, not compromise on the quality at all.

Plus it comes with hardware acceleration feature which uses your PC’s graphics card to edit your videos faster than any other video editing tool.

You can use VideoProc to convert your 4K videos to be playable across different devices. However, the software is not free. Of course, you can download the trial version of the software. But if you want extra features, you have to purchase the software.

Or you can get VideoProc license for free before the giveaway gets expired. In the giveaway page, the developer Digiarty also prepared the GoPro contest. Submit your email, then you have a chance to win GoPro Hero 7 Black and GoPro Hero 7 Silver.

videoproc 2

Anyway, to make you understand in a better way let us talk about the top features of VideoProc:

Now let’s talk about how to use VideoProc tool for editing GoPro video.

How to edit GoPro video?

Step 1: First of all download the VideoProc and install it by following all the screen instructions.

videoproc 3 800x530 1

Step 2: Click Video to lead in the Video Processing section. Then import your video by clicking on the Import button.

Step 3:  After that use all the Toolbox to edit your videos.

videoproc 4

With VideoProc you will also get a bunch of video editing tools. The software lets you short your videos using a cut tool. Plus, you get a crop tool to crop a part of your videos. You can also add subtitles to your videos and make gifs, add watermark out of your videos.

For GoPro 4K videos, the video is always too huge to load and shaky.  Sometimes the video is distorted with fisheye effect. VideoProc can easily handle those issues and help you stabilize GoPro shaky videos and remove GoPro Fisheye.

Step 4: In the end simply click on the Run button and you are all done.

Top Features of VideoProc

Supports Different Media Files

No matter if you are shooting your files using your GoPro, iPhone, Drone, DSLR or any other kind of camera. The best part of VideoProc is that it will support all type of media formats and allow you to edit them. There are quite a lot of video editing tools are out there which does not support GoPro video files. But this software does.

4K video processing and converting

In order to share the GoPro 4K videos with friends, you can process and convert the 4K file to MP4 or other formats with small size. VideoProc will allow you to do so. VideoProc comes with a video converter tool which is capable of converting your video files audio files to 350+ profiles. Here a guide in detail on how to resize GoPro 4K videos without quality loss.

Full Hardware Acceleration

VideoProc also comes with full hardware acceleration feature. Now the question is what is Full Hardware Acceleration? In short, it offers you fast video processing and editing speed.

When VideoProc handles with your GoPro 4K videos, it will share the burden of CPU, and utilizes the GPU in video processing, coupled with video encoding and decoding.  As a result, you get to see a fast process.

Download Engine

It also comes with a built-in download engine tool. Help you download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, and other websites. Moreover, VideoProc support download video playlists, and videos from 1000+ websites seamlessly.

Easy to Use

No matter if you are editing a GoPro video or any other kind of video. The user interface is extremely easy and offers you all the features. Unlike some professional GoPro video editing tool need much tech knowledge, even you are new to VideoProc, you can easily know how to process and edit your GoPro videos.

Now go ahead and check this easiest GoPro editing tool and see how it is working for you. Also, for any questions feel free to comment below.

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