Home News Video: World’s First Robotic Smartphone ‘RoBoHon’ Goes On Sale In Japan

Video: World’s First Robotic Smartphone ‘RoBoHon’ Goes On Sale In Japan

Japan, the nation known for its innovative developments in the technological arena has launched World’s First Robotic Smartphone named RoBoHon on May 26, 2016. The new gadget is of pocket size and it is basically a dancing robot.

Sharp, the multi-billion dollar Japanse company is think tank behind this newly developed device. Sharp developed this gadget with the help of Tomokata Takahashi, the man who invented the first robot astronaut “Kirobo”.

Sharp has now opened the RoBoHon cafe to test the working of the robot.

The Japanese company aims to produce 5000 robot smartphones every month, and they aim to increase it when demand rises. Sharp has already made a takeover agreement with Taiwanese giant Foxconn, known for assembling iPhone and iPads for Apple.

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The new robot weighs 380 grams, and it is 8 inches tall. Users can easily carry them wherever they want, and it is capable in doing all functionalities just like smartphones.

It has WiFi and LTE connectivity, and it also has a two-inch screen with 320*240 pixel resolution.

The small camera equipped on the gadget will help in facial and vocal recognition.

The robot looks so cute, and it has the capability to walk, dance and raise arms whenever any notification arises. The company has priced the phone at a whooping rate of $1800. Additionally, a user has to pay $6 a month to avail the voice recognition feature.

The device is capable in operating umpteen numbers of applications in its android platform just like any other smartphone.

It is sure that this newly launched robotic phone will bring about benign changes in the smartphone market.