Video: NASA launches ‘Super Pressure Balloon’ from New Zealand

NASA has successfully launched a ‘Super Pressure Balloon’ from New Zealand on May 19, 2016. Experts believe that this new move is a very vital step when it comes to scientific investigations in the near space environment.

NASA Officials announced the successful launch of this balloon, and they also added that it is the fifth attempt to get the balloon in the air which became fruitful. All the previous launching tries were hampered due to bad whether.

As per scientists, this newly launched Balloon will float at an altitude of 33.5 kilometers, and will stay airborne for more than hundred days. The main purpose of the flight is to test and validate the super pressure balloon for a long period of time at the mid-latitudes.

The balloon is also equipped with various devices which include Compton Spectrometer and a Gamma Ray Telescope developed by technicians at the Univeristy of California, Berkeley.

Debbie Fairbrother, NASA’s Balloon Programme Office chief told that the balloon is healthy now, and it is doing a very crucial mission. He also added that the experts are waiting to know whether the balloon will survive for 100 days.

NASA releases 2,366kg, super-pressure balloon:

As per Debbie, the balloon reached an altitude of 33.5 kilometers within two hours after lift-off, and it has started its course towards the west. Later, it came back again, and moved towards eastern direction. The estimated wind speed indicates that the balloon will float over southern hemisphere once in every one to three weeks.

The balloon which is now floating in the stratosphere is expected to give more crucial details about nuclear physics and related areas.

People living in South Africa and Argentina can watch the balloon with naked eyes during sunset and sunrise.

If this mission becomes successful, then it will be a giant leap, as these balloons will replace satellites, as they are quite cheap.


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