Video: NASA collaborates with Angry Birds for space education

What is about Angry Birds that has not only captured the mind of the young but has even made the World’s largest space exploration organization NASA take notice of it.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has collaborated with the bird-shooting game Angry Birds to educate children about physics at an early stage.

NASA has realized that physics has always been a problem for the young mind and so to spike the interest of the young mind, NASA has taken the medium of Angry Birds to impart maximum amount of knowledge in the most fun way possible.

Projects of this level by NASA is not the first of its kind; it has earlier also made fun shows to garner the maximum amount of children interest.

Through this video game, NASA is looking at pushing the boundaries of Science, technology, mathematics and engineering. IIt is looking at preaching the young mind at an early age about science but in a fun way.

NASA Chose ‘Angry Birds’ for Space Education:


Commenting on this recent development actor Bill Hader who has played voice actor to Leonard in the upcoming Hollywood movie ‘Angry Birds’ says “The collaboration of NASA with Angry Birds has raised the question of if this is happening? But through this way, it will be possible to impart physics and space studies lesson in a fun way.”

Kai Torstila, the maker of Angry Bird, seeing the opportunity that NASA was presenting to them was happy to combine a super important game with the best learning experience.

Further talking about this collaboration Don Pettit says that ‘’Angry Birds is just not a video game, the game has to do with velocity, acceleration, and trajectories where you are shooting little birds around like asteroid and things like that. Whereas all of this involves science, and so Angry Birds is a great venue to gets the kid interested in this game plus science.”


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