Apple unveiled its Union Square flagship store in San Francisco on 21st of May, and the word around is good. The approach seems to make the visitors feel good (like the older stores did not?)

The point is to make the visitors feel more comfortable, like they’re in a town square, rather than at a store. The store in San Francisco features massive sliding glass doors. The one in the front is 42 feet high and 40 feet wide. The store is built keeping in mind the mild climate of the state.

With the major focus of the masses being at online shopping, Tim Cook seems to want to drive the customers to the stores for the experience. Since the unveiling of the first Apple store, 15 years ago, other companies like Samsung and Microsoft have successfully mimicked and benefitted from it.

Ahrendts, the current head of Apple’s online and in-store sales initiated this attempt at increasing the comfort in stores as a part of rebuilding the exclusivity feel for the customers.

Watch 360 panoramic video:

With relatively newer products like the Apple Watch, this might be a great approach as it follows in the footsteps of first iPhone or MacBook launch when the stores played an important role in the sales.

The store is located alongside high-end stores like Tiffany & Co. The older store in that area is going to be closed on Friday.

The store is about 45% larger than the older one and is located where previously a Levi’s store was pinned. The store not only has more employees, but it also has a plaza, where rumor has it that acoustic music arts will be hosted.

The five new design elements included in the store according to Ahrendts are an avenue with long tables and small shops, creative pros at the shop, boardroom, Genius Grove instead of the Genius Bar and a forum with a giant video wall.

Since the store is walled only by glass, it is always bright during the day giving a natural feel, especially with the terrazzo floor.

A video released by CNET shows the flagship store adequately.


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