Vendals attack Facebook office in Germany, Police launches investigation

The entrance of a building in Hamburg housing the office of popular social networking site, Facebook has been damaged by vandals. According to police in North Germany, paint has been thrown and ‘Facebook Dislike’ has been sprayed on a wall.

In a statement, the police said that a group of around 20 people, wearing hoods and black clothes attacked the office. They have launched an investigation now. As of now, no comments have been given by Facebook.

Facebook’s European head is under investigation over the alleged failure of the social network in removing the racist hate speech.

The announcement of this inquiry was made last month, as Celebrities and German politicians voiced their concern over the growing anti-foreigner comments in the German language on Facebook as well as other social networking sites, especially when the country is struggling hard for coping up with refugee influx.

Martin Ott, the Managing Director of Facebook Eastern, Central, and Northern, based out of Hamburg might be blamed for the hate speech not being removed by the social platform, stated a spokeswoman last month.

Last month, the spokesperson of Facebook refused to comment on this investigation and further added that the allegations seem to lack merit, and no law of German has been violated by Facebook or any of the employees.

Facebook has partnered with FSM, a group that voluntarily monitors providers of multimedia services. He stated that he will undoubtedly encourage the users for pushing back against this concept of racism.