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Utilizing Trust Badges to boost your e-commerce sales


Ever thought why we were always taught the importance of wearing a badge? Be it in school or college or even in our professional lives. An identity card or a badge is used to assert a person’s identity and hence authenticate them to enter specific premises, be it a school, college, or an official building.

While all these badges and identity cards are physical, there are specific digital identities and genuine proofs in the digital sphere. With the increased number of websites in the public network, it is essential to have a way to cross-check whether a website is genuine or not. One of these methods is the Trust Badge. A survey conducted by Econsultancy/Toluna confirmed that trust seals earned 48% votes when it asked participants which factors helped them decide whether to trust a website.

So what exactly is the trust badge?


A trust badge is similar to any other physical badge that may exist on an officer’s uniform.  It is a seal that marks your website’s identity and should be placed at a prominent place on your website to be visible to the customer and help establish a trust bond with the customer. It acts as a visual reminder to anyone who visits the website about the authenticity of it.

Why having a trust badge is more important than ever right now.

With the global pandemic that has taken the world by storm, most of the population is confined to the four walls of their homes for most of the day, if not all. One of the most popular retreats for people is technology, which can provide them with many knowledge and entertainment options. Taking advantage of this fact, a lot of online scams have started taking place. Be it in the form of data breaches where personal and confidential data of the business or its customers is compromised, or be it in the way of a plethora of fake websites popping up at every other corner.

Everyone is up to date with the latest happenings worldwide, and the news of increased scams has woken everyone up to the fact of online frauds, which are on the rise.

As a result, an informed online buyer is even more careful than before when visiting a website and, more importantly, when making a transaction or giving out any personal information that may be used against him.

This situation at the global level makes it imperative for online website owners and businesses to invest in any validation method that can catch the attention of anyone browsing the internet and mark their website as a safe zone or a verified website.

How exactly can trust badges benefit my website?

Trust is the foundation of the relationship between a business and a customer, or a content platform and content consumer. A trust seal can help your website in the following ways:

  • It is said that people have a strong affiliation with positive word of mouth. A product reviewed by a fellow customer is more likely to get sold. On similar terms, a positively reviewed website, and in this case, verified by an independent third party, is more likely to gain a customer’s trust.
  • Trust badges give you the validation you need to bridge the gap between a general browser and a customer. A potential customer may visit your website and look at a few products, but it is the seal of the trust badge that instill confidence in them to move to the next step of conducting a financial transaction. This leads to a higher conversion rate on your website.
  • An increased conversion leads to better sales as one happy customer can bring in many more. The customers themselves do a large chunk of marketing for your business.
  • Having a trust seal also portrays that your website is genuine, cares enough for the customers to get verified by a third party, and purchases products or shares details with your business’s credibility in mind.
  • In a sea of websites available on the internet, trust badges are a great way of standing apart from the crowd and eventually be in the race with the big brands of your field.

Different Types of Badges that you can use.

  • SSL Badges

Investing in an SSL certificate is also a visually recognized way to assert your website as a genuine one, as an SSL enabled website is marked by a lock symbol on the address bar.


  • Site Security Badges

Some companies want to introduce themselves to its visitors with a Site Security Badge placed somewhere at the very introductory page (Homepage), reminding them that they are in a secured platform.


  • Money-Back Guarantee Trust Seal

This seal promises the visitor of a money refund guarantee of 14 or 30 days. This goes a long way in building visitor’s trust in the company. The Money -Back Guarantee Trust Seal gives visitors confidence in handing over their credit card details.

  • Free Shipping Trust Badge 

    This badge shows a customer that free shipping is being offered to them by the company. Free Shipping Trust Badge promptly gains the attention of the customer and helps in sales conversion.

  • Secure Payment Icon 

    The safety of the user’s crucial data has always been a point of concern for the users. Payment Badge builds trust in the user in sharing their credit card information with you.

  • Accepted Payments Logos

Displaying Accepted Payments Logos of the brands that are widely recognized and trusted by one and all, adds to your credibility.

payment logos

  • Industry Awards Badge

Displaying any reputable awards won by your company is the best way of building your credibility. It reflects that you have won the trust of even critics in your field and that visitors can feel confident in associating with you.

  • Customer Logo Icons

Putting before logos of the widely known brands and companies you have worked for, speaks volumes about your credibility, your trusted expertise.

  • Total Satisfaction Badge

Some companies assure with Total Satisfaction Badge that if they have a horrible purchase experience, the company will stand by them not only with refunds but also in any other customer support required.

  • App Store Trust Seals

App stores like Apple, Amazon, Google is the most trusted platforms, and displaying their App Store Icons, tell the customers that as your app is available on these app stores, you can be fully authorized.

  • Free Trial Trust Badge

A Free Trial Trust Badge is an excellent way of telling your customers that they can test and then only buy the product.

In conclusion, Trust badges are those shining medals decorating your website that instill trust in a new user and increases the traffic and sales conversion. Don’t miss out on an opportunity, invest in a trust badge today and let your company see the light of success.