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Useful Study Apps to Have on Your Laptop

These days, it’s impossible to imagine a student who doesn’t use computers to complete their homework and learn new skills. Students use their desktops to research academic materials, gather information, and compose papers. Also, they use computers to check and submit their assignments online. The number of valuable applications is almost limitless. If you don’t want to get lost in the diversity of different study apps for your laptop, explore the essential applications to install below.


Any misspelled word in an academic paper can decrease grades. Therefore, all students want their papers to be error-free. Unfortunately, it’s hard to create essays with zero errors, especially when they are short on time. In such a case, students frequently read the writepaperfor.me review to find skilled writers who proofread their assignments before submitting them. If you’re one of those students who struggle composing error-free papers, you have to install the Grammarly app on your laptop.

The company has released applications that support both Mac and Windows operating systems. It offers the ability to compose papers in the Grammarly editor so that the app will highlight any errors simultaneously. Also, it will help you enhance your writing skills by offering suggestions. For example, you can set a writing style and adjust your papers to match particular requirements. Nevertheless, the leading app’s perk is that it works system-wide. Therefore, Grammarly will spot any mistakes in all applications on your laptop. It will leave you no chance to compose an email or a Word document that comprises any grammar errors.

Wolfram Alpha

This application is a lifesaver for students who struggle to complete assignments that need complicated calculations. It is an advanced calculator that can resolve any math problem regardless of its complexity. Therefore, students widely use the application to resolve complex problems in a few seconds to check if the solutions they got are correct. Besides, many experts in the engineering niche utilize the application constantly.

For example, you can enter any problem using the extended keyboard with all the math symbols. Also, learners can snap a problem and upload it to the app so that AI will recognize it. Then, the application will resolve the problem in several seconds and bring the correct result. Wolfram Alpha also shows a step-by-step workflow on how to reach a solution. Therefore, if you have an indifferent result, you will be able to examine the workflow and discover what step was incorrect in your workflow.

The tool can be helpful not for completing math tasks and resolving equations. It also can resolve problems in almost any exact science. For instance, using this application on your laptop, you will be able to get your assignments on chemistry, geography, or physics done faster without reading go nerdify reviews to get help with assignments online. Wolfram Alpha is a powerful study app that gathers data from different sources and quickly computes it.

Anki Flashcards

Using flashcards is one of the most efficient ways to learn new materials. It is a feature-rich application that works on Windows and Mac OS laptops. The app offers the ability to learn new materials with the help of flashcards. They may imply images, text, sound, and videos. Therefore, any type of questions can be created. When students answer questions in flashcards, the application analyzes them to provide detailed study success reports. Also, it marks the cards you can quickly answer correctly. It offers cards that you can hardly answer to avoid wasting your time by submitting cards that you have already learned well.

Besides, there are a lot of great features for learners. The Anki Flashcards app offers access to more than 80 million pre-made sets. Therefore, students can find flashcards on almost any subject with ease. Nevertheless, there is also a drag and drop builder presented. With the help of the composer, students can easily create any flashcards with ease. Since all the sets are stored in a cloud, they can be accessed on laptops and smartphones.

iStudiez Lite

To succeed, students have to manage their time efficiently. This desktop application can help manage all tasks with ease. It is a powerful app that will help you compose a detailed schedule with all the tasks. It has the form of a calendar for adding tasks and creating a timetable for every day. Time planning can help get all the assignments completed upon deadlines. Otherwise, it’s recommended to read papercoach reviews to get help with last-minute papers.

The application offers the ability to set notifications so that you won’t forget about upcoming deadlines. Also, it has grade-tracking functionality so that you will be able to keep an eye on your academic success. You can add grades received for every assignment so that the app will form a detailed report on your progress. Besides, the application has cloud-sync so that students can access their timetables using different devices.

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