Polaris introduces iconic US superbike brand ”Indian”

The Indian motorcycle market is being flooded with Super-bike manufacturers from around the world, the latest entrant to venture is US Super bike maker ‘’Polaris’’. Polaris already has a pan India presence to market its ATVs and well succeeded in that category.

Polaris has recently unveiled its Superbike under the brand name ‘’Indian” with its three models – Classic, Vintage and Chieftain in the Indian market, priced at whooping Rs. 26.5 lakh, Rs. 29.5 lakh and Rs. 33 lakhs.

If you thought, prices of the bikes is causing your head go merry go round, which can eventually dampen the demand for the bikes, then you should wait. You ought to hold on, as, company’s managing director Mr. Pankaj Dubey has a contrary view.

He says, “In 2012-2013 the market size for superbikes over 1,600 cc in the country stood at around 200 units. This year, we expect the market to grow by 40-50 per cent. We are looking to have 10 per cent market share of that.”

Mr. Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director, Polaris India
Mr. Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director, Polaris India

The Polaris bikes may even pose a possible threat to car manufacturers likes BMW, Mercedes, Audi, as the customer thinking of buying a new luxury four-wheeler may end up purchasing a superbike.

The Polaris chief range bike would be accelerated by a powerful 1811 cc engine, besides it will also have following,

  • Key less ignition
  • Strong Aluminium frame
  • ABS Brakes and
  • Cruise control

At present, Polaris do not have any plans of setting up manufacturing facility in the country and will instead focus on the marketing and distribution of the bikes. Hence, it will import the bikes from its sole American plant as CBUs (completely built units). The hindsight of this will be the excise duty the Indians have to shell out.

This strategy is coordinated with the company, which is planning to position their bikes as a luxury item. Dubey even said that Polaris would try positioning the Indian motorcycle brand above all super-bikes available in the country.

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