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Upcoming iPhone 12 rumoured to feature LIDAR, likely points to greater AR functionality

With Apple iPhone 12 still being some months away from an official launch (considering Apple is going to stick to the usual September launch window for new iPhones), there is no stopping the rumours and speculations on the device that has been streaming in more frequently off late. And if the latest rumour story is to be believed, the iPhone 12 will likely come equipped for LIDAR sensors.

Short for Light Detection and Ranging, LIDAR is basically a remote sensing technology that employs light in pulsated form to map the surroundings. This way user can have more detailed info of the objects around them, with Augmented Reality being the most likely area where it is going to find applicability.

Apple already offers LIDAR sensors in the iPad Pro launched a while back, which makes it sort of a natural progression for the feature to now make its way to the iPhone as well. This no doubt points to new and more involving AR abilities for the next gen iPhone as well.

The revelation, courtesy of 9To5Mac, again has its basis in a piece of software code that is part of the next iOS iteration, that is iOS 14. The code there refers to the existence of a new app named Gobi that is designed specifically to make use of the new iPhone’s AR abilities.

Also, AR has so far been largely restricted to the gaming niche though this might change with iPhone 12 as we might finally get to see more real world applications of AR. However, it is too early to discuss what those can be and will really be interesting to know what those will likely be.

This apart, we have earlier come across rumours that claimed iPhone 12 breaking away from the design trend of its predecessor by adopting a thin bezel at the top. The same again would be hosting all the sensors that powers Face ID, thereby eliminating the need for the notch.

Yet another rumour, and one originating from the usually reliable Ming Chi Kuo claimed that the iPhone 12 will incorporate a sensor-shift image stabilisation for more stable images.