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Unbelievable advances in Gaming Technologies

Change, they say, is constant. There’s nowhere else where this is more apparent than in the tech space. Innovation and changes are happening so fast in the gaming world that new technologies are becoming obsolete even before they are fully adopted.

This trend is also noticeable in the casino industry. A couple of years ago, online gaming was just becoming a thing. Today, there are online gambling operators like Unibet that offer Live Casino tables where people can enjoy the same experience they would have had playing in land-based casinos right from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to technology, you can make a choice of the live casino you want to play ranging from Roulette, Blackjack to Monopoly, Lightning Dice, Casino Hold’em, Sic Bo, Baccarat and Caribbean Stud Poker.

6 incredible advances in gaming technologies in the last ten years

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition sounds like something from one of those sci-fi movies, but the reality is, the tech is here. With 3D scanning, gamers can recreate their facial likeness in the virtual gaming world.

Even the latest facial recognition tech like the Intel RealSense 3D camera can give developers the tool to create games that adapt to emotions. Imagine playing a game that changes with your emotions.

Voice Recognition

While the voice recognition tech has been around for a while now, it has just recently found application in the gaming world.

Today’s computers and gaming hardware have acquired the capability to recognize voice commands from users. With only your voice, you can turn the game console on or off. Or control gameplay, interact with friends on social media and even play selections of your favorite media.

Gesture Control

OK, the next generations of games are probably going to be played without a console! Instead of controlling gameplay with a console, you get to do with simple gestures –how cool would that be!

A gesture control tech relies on data fed into it by 3D cameras that take shots of 22 separate points in your hand. The tech uses your natural body movements to control gameplay.

Warrior Wave is already using gesture control. You use hand gestures (the outline of your hands are shown on the screen) to lead a group of ancient Greek soldiers to safety.

HD Displays

High Definition displays are disrupting everything we once thought possible with crisp-clear displays. Screens with 4K capabilities are becoming the norm today.

Ultra 4K gaming – laptop screens or televisions with at least 4,000 pixels is revolutionizing the standards and format we watch and play games. Gamers can now enjoy unbeatable colors and crispness that brings each game to live.

Though these HD displays started out as high-end, their prices are gradually reducing, which will make it commonplace as more and more people afford it.

Virtual Reality

Imagine being fully and completely immersed in a gaming experience? That’s precisely what virtual reality is poised to do.

Granted, the gaming consoles for VR are not yet commercially available for the mass market. But, once they hit the shelves, be sure gamers are in for a real immersive experience.

Virtual Reality is the answer to gamers’ search for a way to be transported into the virtual world.

Augmented Reality

Remember Pokémon? Did you ever play the game? That’s precisely what an augmented game looks and feels like.

AR tech superimposes digital elements and reality in the physical world. Instead of being confined only to a TV or computer monitor, you can actually interact with the physical reality using AR.

Just like when playing Pokémon, you partake in some puzzles mapped out via obstacles in your backyard or enjoy a game of table hockey on your kitchen counter.

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