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Giant dinosaur had tennis ball-sized brain, says scientists

Titanosaurus dinosaur

UK scientists say a giant dinosaur of gargantuan proportions that lived about 72 billion years ago had a brain just 6.3 cm big. The skull that is of a titanosaur was unearthed from a construction site in eastern Spain in 2007. Scientists opine that it is one of an absolute titanosaur sauropod dinosaur braincases ever discovered in Europe.

Researchers constructed the brain using the skull and has also recreated the passages of the cranial nerves, blood vessels and even the labyrinth of the inner ear. A team completed the research under the leadership of senior research fellow Dr. Fabien Knoll from the University of Manchester.

Experts have been closely studying it in the last few years since its discovery. Dr. Knoll said that the braincase is complete in all respects, which makes it very exciting. The usual find is limited to vertebrae or the bones but braincase, and that too a complete one is a rarity.

Titanosaurian Sauropod Braincase & Brain Endocast

Knoll added that currently very little is known about the brain of dinosaurs. Studies like this will give the researchers answers about the cognitive abilities of the dinosaur. It will also help scientists to reveal if the Dinosaurs had a keen sense of hearing or visual abilities.

The titanosaur who roamed the planet had four limbs, a long neck, a long tail and was herbivorous.

The findings will go a long way in revealing the mysteries of the working of the dinosaur brain including their intellectual and sensory capabilities.

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