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U&i Announces New Range of Audio Wearables with Amazing Battery Life

Audio is a crucial part of entertainment — whether you like listening to music, watching movies, or playing games. To ensure you’re immersed in your type of entertainment, U&i brings you five new audio wearables ranging from wired, neckband, and TWS earbuds that you can choose as your medium of audio. While Olive Series and Charming Series wired earphones are purely for those who love to carry on talking while being on the move without the worry of battery, Moj Series and Lotus Series wireless neckbands are built for the daily traveler. And the best of the lot is U&i Big Box Series TWS Earbuds that boast a colossal 100-hour playtime. These newly launched devices are for every entertainment enthusiast who needs the best audio gear while on the move.

U&i Big Box Series TWS Earbuds:

Plan that long week on the road or simply go on for an entire week without the need to recharge, the Big Box can serve you a whopping 100 hours of music and entertainment. Designed with a unique shape, the earbuds are lightweight and fit snugly into the ear for superior comfort and added noise isolation. Simply flip open the lid and enjoy 6 hours of non-stop music and movies on a single charge, and while busy drop it back in the 1500mAh case for a full top-up in under 90 minutes. The case also features an LED display to indicate the battery level for each earbud and the case itself. Moreover thanks to the Bluetooth V5.1 chip, you get rich and distortion-free audio over a 10-meter range. Priced at INR 2,999, the Big Box Series is a must-have on your vacation packing list.

U&i Lotus Series Neckband:

If you don’t favor TWS buds, we have you covered — say hello to the extremely lightweight and super comfortable Lotus Series. Available in five color variants — Blue, Red, Green, Black, and Grey, this wearable is built for daily commuters who have no time to stop by and recharge. With a mammoth 50+ hour battery life, these Neckbands offer a complete set of style, performance, and ergonomics in a feature-rich package. And thanks to the USB-C power port, fast-charging the neckband to 100% takes just 120 minutes. If you are a daily commuter and constantly on the move, the Lotus Series Neckband priced at just INR 2,999 should be on your shoulder.

U&i Moj Series Sports Neckband:

If you are looking for an affordable set of neckbands, then the Moj Series could be your best bet. Featuring up to 16 hours of battery life and sporting a fast-charging USB-C port, the Moj is an all-rounder package within a low budget. Extremely lightweight and super comfortable to wear, the neckband is built with a soft silicone exterior that is sweat and water-resistant, making it a perfect companion for those who work out daily and have an active lifestyle. Get one for your gym bag at just INR 1,199.

U&i Charming Series Wired Earphones: 

Built for the Apple ecosystem, the Charming Series features the Lightning connector with a long 1.2m tangle-free cable. Large 10mm drivers produce deep bass and rich audio for music pleasure, or an immersive movie and gaming experience. Designed with a unique shape, these are open-back earbuds that offer excellent audio for the music enthusiast. Available in white color, pick one for you just in INR 799.

U&i Olive Series Wired Earphones

If you are a serious gamer, then going with a wired earphone is definitely recommended. With zero lag and the best audio performance, the Olive Series offers a 120cm long tangle-free cable with a 3.5mm nickel-plated audio jack. The earbuds sport large 14.2mm copper-ring horn drivers for extra deep bass, and are uniquely shaped for added better comfort and additional noise isolation. Additionally, the in-line control pad features volume control buttons and a highly sensitive microphone for superior audio calls. Use it for your smartphone or plug it into your laptop, these Olive Series are super affordable at just INR 299.

Pricing and Availability:

Users can buy these audio wearable’s from all the U&i outlets and other leading retail stores across India.