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Udyog Aadhar App Review


The Government of India has been promoting micro, small and medium enterprises. These micro, small and medium contribute a lot in the economic growth of the Country, hence Government also supports these entities by providing them many benefits and subsidies. However, an enterprise can only obtain the benefit provided by the Government if you are a micro, small and medium enterprise and have registered under the Udyog Aadhar.

What is Udyog Aadhar?

Udyog aadhar is a unique twelve-digit number issued by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Earlier the registration was under the name of MSME however, recently the Government of India changed the registration process to be simple and easy under Udyog Aadhaar. For the Udyog Aadhar registration, you first have to fall under any one category i.e. micro, small or medium enterprise so as to register under the Udyog Aadhar in accordance with the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Act, 2006.


Udyog Aadhar Registration App

To avail various benefits provided by the Government to the micro, small and medium enterprises like low-interest rate on loans, trademark registration fee subsidy etc. you need to register for the Udyog Aadhar online. Udyog Aadhar Registration App will make Udyog Aadhar registration easy for you. You can easily register for Udyog Aadhar using your mobile through this app. This app has the following features:

  • The app provides for simplified Udyog Aadhar Registration form resulting in time-saving.
  • The app provides for Udyog Aadhar Updates
  • The app provides for Udyog Aadhar benefit schemes launched by the Government so you can avail the benefit of such schemes
  • You can make a correction and/or updating your Udyog Aadhar details in an easy manner
  • The app also provides for MSEM databank registration.
  • The app provides for a legal guide for a new business
  • The app also incorporates the facility for company registration
  • It even provides support via email, phone and WhatsApp chat.

Unique benefits of the App

  • The app is simple to use and is open for use to the public.
  • The app will help you in Udyog Aadhar registration and the app is fast which will, in turn, save your time
  • The app is on mobile you can access it anywhere having a mobile and a net connectivity
  • The app will help you in the registration of your company under Ministry of corporate affairs.
  • The app through its legal experts will correct NIC code and will secure SSL protect forms
  • App provides for simplified 1-page application form for the Udyog Aadhar registration
  • App along with its expert team will fix Aadhar validation error

New Business Guide

The App also provides for a guide for a new business registration like private limited entity, LLP Registration, one person company, sole proprietorship firm, partnership firm etc. like the app provides for the requirements and advantages of registering and starting a limited liability partnership. Like a Limited Liability, partnership requires a minimum of 2 people for registration and the registration of such limited liability partnership will cost you around Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 10,000. The app also provides for its benefits and disadvantages along with its recommendations.

Why Udyog Aadhar App

The app will provide you with easy registration under the micro, small and medium enterprises. Thus, through this registration, you will be entitled to avail the benefits/ subsidies provided by the government to such entities. The registration will even help you to get the loan at low-interest rate etc. Thus, Udyog Aadhar registration is very important.


You are thinking of a starting a new business, then you should register under the Udyog Aadhar to receive the benefits as mentioned above and in the app. You can avail the benefits by registering for Udyog Aadhar using the app. It will help you to get a loan on a low-interest rate which will, in turn, will cut down your cost. You can download the app and use it for your convenience and receive the above-mentioned benefits.