UCWeb has released its revamped UC Browser for Android. UC Browser 10.7 has received a major overhaul in terms of user interface, which gave it a completely new look.

The latest UC Browser for Android, which company claims to redefine how users access content while browsing the Internet on a mobile device is available to download.

According to the company, UC Browser 10.7 contains a few unique content discovery features that no other mobile browser currently available in the market offers.

“UC Browser 10.7 redefines the role of a modern mobile browser as a content aggregator and distributor,” company states.

Upon installation, users will be allowed to personalize their browsing experience by selecting unique background images, which according to the company will enhance the overall experience.

Following the footsteps of content requirement, UC Browser has made available a wide range of categories — such as news headlines, jokes, cricket score, entertainment, etc.

“The new update will transform the way nearly half of India’s mobile browsing traffic is consumed,” says Kenny Ye, Managing Director at UCWeb India.