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This software let you use your MacBook’s Keyboard to type on iPhone or Android devices: Typeeto Review

If you are planning to buy a wireless keyboard for your iPhone or Android smartphone then wait and try the Typeeto app for MacBook once. Typeeto is a simple app for your MacBook that lets you use your Macbook’s keyboard as a wireless keyboard on your smartphone, iPad, Apple TV and game consoles (PS3 and PS4 are not compatible). You just need to pair your MacBook with your smartphone, tablet or console to start using the MacBook’s keyboard with the devices.

The interface of the app is minimal; you just need to launch the app and it will move to the menu bar. From the menu bar, you can open the Typeeto menu to change preferences or switch to a different device.

Steps to set up the app:

  1. Download the Typeeto program from the Apple Mac Store.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth on your MacBook and pair your devices with it.
  3. Launch Typeeto on your MacBook and open Typeeto menu. Select the connected device from there.

You are all set. Now you can type on your connected devices through your MacBook’s keyboard.


You can connect a bunch of devices to your MacBook and can frequently switch just by the assigned hotkey. As per your convenience, this hotkey can be configured from preferences. You can copy paste the written text on the connected device quickly using the same hotkeys on MacBook. Or you can assign some other hotkey combinations if you want.

You can use your MacBook’s keyboard on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet, Apple TV, desktop, game console and even on another MacBook. Typeeto is available for free with all the features. To use it for lifetime, you need to pay $19.95 for personal license + $9.95 (optional), if you want to add lifetime upgrades guarantee. The family pack will cost you $29.95.

The interface is neat and transparent, just click on the Typeeto icon on the menu bar and open preferences. You’ll see three tabs:


General: In General, you can change the copy paste hotkey, enable or disable sound effects, place or remove the Typeeto icon from the dock, enable/disable start at login, and enable/disable the program to send usage stats to the developer.

Devices: From here you can manage the connected devices or add shortcuts for them in the Typeeto menu.

Themes: Themes allow you can change the interface theme to light or dark.

Typeeto is the best keyboard software I’ve ever used, also a good idea for people who wants to use their MacBook and smartphone both at the same time.