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Two pieces of Gear needed for Competitive Gaming

Esports or competitive gaming, in general, is like a snowball that has been building mass and momentum for some time now.

There are six-year-olds kids are getting good enough to whoop butt in Call of Duty and CS: GO (but parents … why aren’t they playing Minecraft instead!?) And online sports betting sites around the globe consistently have betting lines out on all of the bigger tournaments. So, it’s become a full-on industry and with that, the competition level rises. With that said, you better have the same level of gear –or at least close to it– as the best of the best … or you’ll get left behind.

A Great Monitor

If you are playing more PC-based games like CS:GO, League of Legends, and DOTA2, you’re going to need a good monitor. BenQ is known for providing next-level quality gear at an affordable price.

The BenQ XL2411t has been around for quite a few years now, and it is still serving its function at an elite level. This particular monitor was designed with gamers in mind, particularly FPS. In fact, the XL monitors were co-developed with pro-CS: GO players. With stereoscopic 3D viewing and super-rapid pixel response, this monitor will help give your gaming experience a fluid, seamless feel.

For an all-around fantastic gaming monitor –not just for FPS gaming–  An ultra-wide monitor at 120Hz is the way to go. Just like the above monitor, you want rapid refresh rates. The industry standard is 60 Hz or around 60 frames per second maximum. But for gaming … we need a bit more than that. Additionally, it’s even better if they have a variable refresh rate so that your GPU or graphics card can control the panel refresh rate. This eliminates screen tearing and screen lag. The ultra-wide aspect will help you to see more of your gaming environment … I don’t need to explain how critical this is. The Alienware 240Hz AW2518H fits the bill here. Its refresh rate is so, so fast. Yet, if your computer can only put out 40 frames per second, your GPU will control the variable rate to give you the best viewing experience.

Gaming Eye Wear

If you want to be the best of the best, you have to put in the time. But staring at a lit-up monitor for hours on end stresses the eyes. It creates eye fatigue which will make your playing worse. One of the best ways to get the most out of long gaming sessions is to protect your eyes. Gunnars block the stressful blue lights so that you can play for hours without getting those tired, burning, gamers eyes.

Gunnars are specifically designed for gamers and computing professionals like graphic designers and web developers who have to spend eight to ten hours per day staring at a computer screen, but they still need crystal clarity in what they see on screen. Another benefit to wearing Gunnar Glasses or similar eyewear is that you’ll sleep better after your gaming sessions. You may have noticed that sometimes you don’t rest well after hours of gaming. It’s because prolonged exposure to ‘blue light’ messes with our circadian rhythm. To our brains, it similar to being outside during the middle of the day, even if it is 11 pm, so our bodies don’t release the right amount of chemicals for proper sleep.

Well rested with fresh, un-strained eyes, you’ll be able to play to the best of your ability and of course, improve faster because you can play at optimal levels for longer periods.

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