The micro blogging site Twitter came up with two new updates that will enhance its security and uninterrupted access to the accounts. The updates include a password-reset process that can be effectively implemented via text messaging and an enhanced upgraded method for identifying suspicious and malicious logins.

Twitter’s new rolled out update enables users to reset password via text messaging.

While changing passwords via email, usually the old traditional way will still be available. The new password reset system will be of great help to those Twitter users who forget their passwords and need to create a new one.

However, it does not have immediate access to user’s inbox, under such circumstances the new system is like fresh mountain air for the users.

Mollie Vandor, product manager, wrote on the Twitter blog:  “The new process lets you choose the email address or phone number associated with your account where you’d like us to send your reset information.

That way, whether you’ve recently changed your phone number, or are travelling with limited access to your devices, or had an old email address connected to your Twitter account, you’ve got options,”

One can make full use of the SMS option, only if he or she has his or her mobile number registered with the Twitter. If not then please associate your mobile number by following simple steps outlined at Twitter’s “Adding your mobile number to your account” help Center page. Once the number is linked, one can change the password by sending a text.

When linking is done click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page on the Twitter website, mobile site or iOS and Android apps. Twitter will then ask the user to type in his or her email address or his or her number, whichever one prefers.

On choosing SMS option, he or she will receive a six-digit code that can be entered on the Twitter login page, where he or she can then type a new password. The code will expire 15 minutes after it is sent.