Twitter testing new News Tab for Android and iOS apps

San Francisco – In an attempt to keep the users engaged and get an edge over other social media biggies, Twitter has introduced a unique news tab feature on iOS and Android platforms.

With the help of this new addition to its mobile apps, Twitter mobile users can now easily check out the trending news items without any difficulties.

It’s an experiment done by Twitter to see how users respond; hence, the update is rolled out only to selected users.

Competitive Edge

The new news tab is located right in the middle of the navigation bar and provides users a better experience than the current news tab.

According to online reports, users can access all the trending topics in one click with the help of this tab.

While talking to reporters, Twitter spokesperson said that it’s an attempt to improve user experience.

Image Source: BuzzFeed News

Twitter is committed to providing robust news content experience to people, and the launch of this new tab is a testimony to the same.

The newly launched news tab is an initiative to improve user experience; therefore, everyone won’t have access to it right away.

Very few users have been offered this feature to see how they respond to this new Twitter offering.

Twitter, however, has not yet announced the exact date when this new addition will be made available to all its users.

However, as this newly introduced news tab has already made available in Japan, it is expected to reach to all in near future.

Unique features

As soon as the user clicks on this news tab, he/she is given access to trending stories among all the major publications and news channels.

This feature doesn’t give a completely new experience to users but still it makes the content browsing procedure easy and hassle-free.

If any user is not able to get this update right away, he/she should probably wait for the official announcement, which Twitter is going to make shortly.