Twitter resolves and apologizes for the recent outage

Twitter reached out to its users and apologized for the issues it has been facing regarding the appearance of user feed on their respective timelines.

The social networking media company has announced that it has fully resolved the timeline delivery issue that it had been facing recently. The company apologized on Monday evening for the inconvenience it caused its users. The issue concerned resulted in a delay between the time users actually posted their tweets to when the message appeared on their timelines. The delay was anywhere between 25 minutes to 45 minutes.

The outage has lasted for around 60 minutes and caused problems with the 160 character messages that users are allowed to post in their home feed. The problem did not involve prohibiting users from posting their messages or reading others’ tweets but only caused a delay in the appearance of the messages on the home feed. Strangely, the messages could still be read if a user searched for them specifically.

The problem was caused because of a probable slow update of the home feed and was noticed across all platforms. The site was creating a problem when used on desktops or laptops, as well as on mobile phones. Other platforms, such as Tweetdeck or webapp and API clients also faced similar issues.

Users received a tweet from the company apologizing for the issue and ensuring that their engineers were working to resolve it. Moments after this tweet was released, the company prompted its next tweet which affirmed the complete resolution of the issue. Twitter also apologized to its users for all the inconvenience that was caused to them because of the outage.

The outage has caused potential panic across the Internet, but there is no clear understanding of what caused it. There is also no account of how many people were impacted but evidently the matter concerned to people across different geographies.


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