Twitter goes offline, suffers widespread outage across Europe and Asian countries

Recently, Twitter suffered a massive widespread outage across many European and Asian countries. Users faced access problems that lasted for an hour. For some Indian users, the social media site was down on Monday evening as well while trying to access Twitter through web and mobile.

Error messages were seen at 8.20 am on Tuesday that the network faced an ‘internal error’ and ‘over capacity’ issue. And, by 10.00 am, most of the services were back to normal, except home timelines and image handling service.

According to Twitter Monitoring service,, these outages were seen all across Europe with a major concentration in Germany, France and Britain. Even Japan faced the same problems, but other Asian countries stated that Twitter was normal at their end. Some users in Europe didn’t suffer a complete blackout, as they were still able to publish posts.

The company somehow tweeted from its support account and confirmed this outage, but users couldn’t see it as the site was down. The text of this tweet was emailed by Twitter that read that some users had problems in accessing the site and the Twitter being aware of this issue is working towards a solution.

Several disruptions have been experienced by Twitter since last few months now, but the most recent one was reported on 15th of January.

This is the second time in a week that Twitter has suffered from this problem. Let’s hope that the company has found a permanent solution to this, so that users don’t have to suffer from these issues again.