Twitter launches Highlights to help Android users from missing important tweets

Twitter has recently launched a wonderful and much awaited feature called ‘Highlights’ globally to benefit Android users, as of now, so as to enable them to get a refined summary of all the activities going on at Twitter as per the preferences made by each user.

Now, there will be no dire need of going through your Twitter accounts now and then fearing that some important tweet might disappear unread. Highlights will save all the important stuff for you, saving both of your time and the energy required while scrolling through different and sundry pages.

You need to opt whether you want or not to enable Highlights, depending on which the Twitter will decide how often should you be delivered the push notifications.

The various sources suggest that Twitter has introduced this feature to be available in more than 35 languages declaring the company’s move a big one in itself.

Volodymyr Zhabiuk, Twitter’s senior S.E., approves that the ‘Highlights’ are created for a profile after going through whatever the people you follow seem largely interested in, plus, the tweets from your favorite people, and the topics trending in your realm, etc. So, it does take a genuine time and hard work.

Zhabiuk further asserted that there was indeed a need for Highlight feature for spending time at Twitter might interest people a lot but sitting before it 24×7 so as not to miss out any important tweet is quite unfeasible a thing. The Highlights feature will keep a record of those crucial feeds and notify the users twice a day to read them.

How to Enable Twitter Highlights feature on Android

  1. Click on the three dots seen on Twitter App.
  2. Tap on ‘Settings’.
  3. Click on the ‘Account Name’.
  4. Tap on ‘Mobile Notifications’.
  5. Select ‘Highlights’ option and enable it.

Interestingly, for Android users with Android 4.0 or more, Twitter’s latest roll out, Highlights, will be readily available to be downloaded via Google Play Store to help them view the most relevant stuff instantly and without missing on any.

But sadly, the iOS and desktop users have to wait for their turns for the undefined time limit. Though a release date for the same has not been announced by Twitter as yet.

As per this micro-blogging site, they will be soon reaching other platforms as well.

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