Micro-blogging website Twitter has estimated in a media report that it has nearly 10 million Chinese users. The U.S .firm which has been banned in China since 2009, has shown that even in the time of hardship it has not lost its loyalist who uses the social networking site in the county.

But if this number is compared with data that estimated the user base to be around 35.5 million users in China, the current number of user base estimated by Twitter looks quite small. One of the reasons behind not getting the correct data of users will be because it is hugely challenging for people in China to use the service because of country’s web censorship system. So they can access the service only through VPN, which is registered outside the borders of China. The users from China are located in U.S., UK, Singapore, etc.

For now, Twitter has made no move to take any action to be unblocked in China as it would mean to cave into censorship demand and self-policing user content. But if we compare the Chinese user base to Twitter’s 310 million active users, the number may look quite small. According to data, it’s been estimated that 65 million user base is from the USA while the remaining are from different part of the world.

In a recent study, it was found out that the user growth in Twitter’s key market like USA and Japan by the year 2018 will see a rapid decline. But on the other hand, it’s estimated that in markets like Asia, India, and Indonesia that the user base will only grow in the coming time.

Now what awaits to be seen is what new policies will the social networking site Twitter bring in the market of China to register a maximum number of users in the coming time. For now, Twitter is only limited to making money in this economy by providing Chinese companies and media a gateway to larger audiences by advertising this company on its service.