Twitter adds Retweet with Comment feature to make RT quote more meaningful

San Francisco, CA based Twitter [NASDAQ:TWTR] has made some major changes to its Retweet feature making it more meaningful and doing away with the requirement of packing a retweet in 140 characters. Now twitter allows users to retweet an existing tweet and they can add up to 116 characters of their own on top of the link and comment in the original tweet.

Now when you click retweet button from Twitter desktop, it gives you a comment box and the original tweet is listed below. Please see below screenshot for the same.Amazon Retweet

Once you start typing in it, a counter will show you that you can add up to 116 characters in the retweet.  The tweet when posted to your timeline will have the original tweet as well as the message typed in by you.

This feature comes with its own pros and cons. This feature will help the users to add more content to the retweet they are doing making it more logical. This will prevent the original tweet from getting truncated and it will provide more readability to the tweets. The con would be that rapid fire retweets would be cumbersome and retweet would take lot of real estate on your timeline.

Twitter has been testing out this feature for quite some time and the same was released in limited version to some users. The feature is now out for iOS and desktop apps and is expected on Android platform soon

Twitter announce this feature through their official account by retweeting a pic.

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