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Simple trick to extend battery life of your iPhone and Android smartphone

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The tech enthusiasts used to eagerly wait for the kind of battery technology which Apple announces during the iPhone launch event every year. The main feature which every Apple lover expects is the enhanced battery life. The elimination of the headphone jack in iPhone is not a major concern among consumers. They only require more power juice so that they can remain connected.

If iPhone gets discharged immediately, then it’s of no use even though there are other features like fingerprint sensor and integration of Taptic feedback. Here, the consumers require enough resources to catch all Pokemons.

The American Chemical Society has released a video, which provides few tips to extend the life of the battery with Chemistry factors. The video begins by providing a short introduction regarding the basic working of lithium-ion batteries.

Smartphones contain lithium-ion batteries

If you are already using smartphones, you will know that the handsets like iPhones make use of lithium-ion batteries. They are super light and will be able to hold power longer than other types of batteries. Naturally, the batteries will start to degrade over the period of time.

Battery will degrade over the period of time

Even if you buy a costly handset like iPhone, the battery will tend to get worse over time and will eventually lose its total shelf life. If your smartphone comes with integrated battery, then you have no choice other than to throw away the handset. This is because, by the time the battery degrades, the handset variant will be out-dated.

The main advantage of lithium-ion batteries is that they will remind you when it reaches the zero mark. This will enable you to charge the batteries again to reach its full potential.

As explained in the video, you are better if you keep of your battery right around a 50 percent sweet spot. According to Eric Limer, a lithium-ion battery’s charge capacity is determined by how many lithium ions it can nestle into its two electrode points.

The video reveals that as you continue to charge on a daily basis, the components degrade and will carry fewer ions. However, battery university recommends partial discharges since it will be difficult to charge the battery if it starts from zero. If you are draining the battery for a long period of time, then it will lose its overall capacity more quickly.

Avoid heat near smartphone

The video continues the journey by stating that the heat is the real lithium-ion killer. It says that heat speeds up all chemical reactions and the one inside the battery are prone to extreme heats. The video suggests that the heat of your body is adequate enough to help kill a battery quickly. Hence, you are advised to keep the phone away from your pockets.

Battery can explode if there is no charge

The best idea is to charge the phone to around 50 percent before you turn it off. If the battery has no charge, it can become unstable or even explode. Hence, if you have a smartphone or a laptop, you will need to charge it a half way mark. It’s better to suffer a severe pain in the neck rather than witnessing the explosion of handsets.

The recent issue associated with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is due to minor battery fault. Hence, the company is issuing a software update to keep the charge to 60 percent. This is ridiculous since customers are not getting the full potential of their valuable phone.