Tribeca Care launches wearable emergency alarm and response service

Tribeca Care has launched an emergency alarm service in India that aims at helping out senior citizens in the state of medical emergency.

The wearable emergency alarm and response service is currently available in the form of wristbands, pendants and bracelets.

By using this service, pre-chosen numbers can be dialled at the push of a button without making phone calls.

The company has also introduced a helpline that monitors these calls and activates an emergency response protocol with immediate effect.

Tribeca Care’s full-service emergency response incorporates calling ambulances, informing relatives and assisting with hospitalization.

According to the company, a Tribeca Care manager also goes with the patient to the healing facility itself in case of medical urgency.

Tribeca emergency alarm and response service is currently accessible only in Kolkata at monthly subscription fees of Rs 250.

The service will soon be starting its operations in New Delhi and other major cities.

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