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Trends for the Mobile Device Industry

This article details the upcoming trends for the mobile device industry. These are trends that have yet to surface, but the signs are there, and these will arguably be the biggest areas of development in the coming years.


Gone are the days where developers and manufacturers obsessed with their apps being used on their products. We are arguably entering a phase in mobile phone and device configuration and design where all apps will be useable by all devices. This is the aim of a great deal of the integrated development of apps and cloud solutions.

The ability of your mobile devices to not only sync with each other but also to sync and integrate with other devices you use has seen massive growth and popularity in the last few years. This has meant that smart homes and devices are allowing people more flexibility in controlling the appliances in their homes through apps they can use anywhere. Being able to control security systems, smart refrigerators, thermostats, lighting and air conditioning are just some of the ways that mobile devices and the apps they use are changing our daily lives.

Entertainment is the main use of mobile devices

Entertainment as the main use of mobile devices has now surpassed communication. More people use a mobile device to access some form of entertainment than those who use the device for communication. From online war and fantasy games such as Fortnite and Halo to online casinos such as luckynuggetcasino.com these have become the main use of mobile devices that are internet-ready.

Size matters

There has been a marked change in the sizes and shapes of the mobile devices that modern consumers buy. After a period of development where small was best for phones and tablets, while laptops were getting larger, with screens expanding and keyboards detached, this trend is turning on its head and the opposite is being seen. Phones and handheld device screens are growing and laptops are shrinking. Capabilities remain the same or better, but the sizes are changing again. Retro is also back and this too will affect the shape and size of our favourite tech accessories.

Mobile Payments

Security of online activities and the rise of payment apps have meant that mobile payments are now the norm for many people. Most major mobile platforms have their own payment systems (think Google Pay or Apple Pay) and these will dominate the mobile payment market soon. Research shows that Apple, Samsung and Google are expected to contribute 56% of total mobile contactless payments by the end of the year, with a user base of more than 500 million.

Regardless of what mobile device you have, it is likely that it will be contributing to making your life easier. It should be making the way you pay, live and communicate more seamless and more fun. Take advantage of all the apps and abilities you have on your mobile device to really harness the power it has to offer.

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