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Astrophysicits says traveling faster than the speed of light is possible theoretically

Melbourne: Professor Geraint Lewis, an astrophysicist in Australia, stated that Star Trek-style space travel between different galaxies is hypothetically possible. This futuristic notion was an important part of Albert Einstein’s famous “Theory of Relativity.”

The professor stated that this high-speed travel is theoretically possible, but for that there is a need to build a warp drive. There are indications that the kind of materials required to develop this drive exists in the universe.

But the problem is how to get these materials together in order to create the drive. How it can be done, still remains a mystery. The only one thing that is evident is to develop this warp drive; the required material should have negative density energy.

As of now, such kind of material has not been identified on earth.
Professor Lewis further added that space features a negative energy density. If the scientists can mine this negative energy density and shape it, then a warp drive can be established.

On studying the equation given by Einstein, it is evident that scientists can bend and warp space to travel at different speeds in the universe.

NASA has been working on this project. The team of researchers is trying to identify the existence of a prospective warp drive spaceship.

As per the expert team, the spaceship would be poised within two gigantic rings that would produce a warp bubble bending room around it, suggesting that the spaceship will be travelling faster compared to light speed.

Again, the process stuck at the question, how to figure out the process to bend space?

Professor Lewis admitted that it is a theoretical concept, but there are instances when a speculative idea has been converted into something substantial in the future.

In the next hundred or thousand years, there will be a lot more information available about the universe and this concept of hyper-fast travel can become real.

NASA physicist, Dr. Harold White collaborated with Mark Rademaker to reveal designs of what a potential warp drive spaceship might look like.