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Transport apps that will make your daily commute better

When it comes to travelling hassle-free within the city, commuters rely on their phones now more than ever. Transport apps are extremely useful for booking and managing routes in order to make one’s experience smoother and less stressful. They make sure that you navigate through a city with complete confidence.

Here is a list of relevant transport apps that can be used to ease transport issues in a city.

1.      Yulu:

Yulu is India’s leading micro-mobility service provider, which offers unique vehicles for the daily commute. Starting off as a mission to eliminate traffic congestion in India, Yulu provides the safest commute solution through a user-friendly mobile app to enable sustainable commuting.

Yulu zones are located at all the appropriate locations (including metro stations, bus stands, office spaces, residential areas, corporate offices, etc.) to make those first and last-mile journeys smooth, affordable, and convenient.

Available: Android, iOS

2.      Chalo App:

Chalo app is Mumbai based startup founded in 2014 that allows you to live track your bus and tells you at what time your bus will reach your stop. The startup’s key focus is on improving the bus services of the cities making them more reliable, easier, more convenient to use, and less time-consuming, thus increasing ridership in these buses. With the help of technology, Chalo is making travelling in city buses a smooth experience for travellers across 22+ Indian cities.

Availability: Android, iOS

3.      Tummoc:

Tummoc is a Bangalore based startup founded in January 2021. It is India’s first multi-modal patented public transport app to help you with real-time public transport information and last-mile connectivity. Tummoc is the answer to the hassle of regular transportation options and the struggle to find reasonably priced short term rides. The absurdity of a 20-minute wait for a 10-minute ride in the metro or a bus, and difficulty fulfilling the first and last mile requirements when using public transport, formed the base of Tummoc experience. Currently, Tummoc is live in 13 cities.