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TRAI’s MySpeed data for March released- Jio way ahead in the download speed game

Last September, Reliance Jio sparked up a huge tariff war among telecom companies, and now it is has maintained its position of outpacing competitors by staying ahead of the curve in the speed department.

The latest data revealed by TRAI‘s MySpeed app suggests that Jio leads in the market with its download and improved upload speed. The app registered Jio‘s average speed at 16.48 Mbps. Its closest competitor was Idea with an average of 12.029 Mbps. Airtel clocked a decent 10.439 Mbps. Vodafone languished with 7.933 Mbps.

Back in December, last year, Jio peaked with an average speed of 18.146 Mbps. Currently Jio has a userbase of 100 million and counting. This average speed could dip further as the userbase increases.

As far as the upload speed is concerned, Jio has improved from 2.208 Mbps in February to  3.581 Mbps.. Airtel registered an average upload speed at 4.455 Mbps and Vodafone did 5.429 Mbps. But Idea continued to lead with 6.536 Mbps.

At this moment the telecom market in India is highly volatile. Companies are still trying to compete with Jio’s low-cost plans. Jio’s free unlimited calling and free unlimited has still not been matched by the other companies, butthe likes of Airtel Vodafone and Idea have starting giving huge amounts of free data on a daily basis with a recharge. Monthly plans have been replaced by daily plans for 28 days at the same rates but with almost 28x data.

This turmoil created by the domestic company appears to be here to stay. No amount of efforts by the other companies to pressure the company into withdrawing its offers seems to be working. Regardless, the consumers are benefiting massively because of this tariff war.