Power banks have become very popular these days as the regular smartphone usage has gone up from foot to head. The restless use of your smartphone makes you run out of battery faster, and there come these saviors. However, nowadays market is flooded with N number of high capacity power banks, but sometimes you just need a companion in crucial times rather brick-sized powerhouses. And there comes TP-LINK TL-PB 2600 mAh power bank.

The power bank was launched by the company few months ago at the price tag of 799 INR. Let’s check out if the device is worth spending or not.

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TP-LINK TL-PB 2600 mAh power bank comes along with a USB cable and some documentation.

Since it has very different approach to design, I will start with delineating the design. This is the most ultra-compact power bank possess a compact lipstick casing with 2,600 mAh battery inside. This portable power bank comes equipped with 6 in 1 complete protection against damage caused by; over-charge, over-heating, short-circuit, over-voltage, over current, and over-discharge.

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This portable charger is only 68g heavy, and it’s pretty sleek to carry around in your pockets and hands along with a phone with utmost ease. Its sleek cylindrical design ensures a fit in everywhere.

On the top, it has USB 2.0 port for charging up the devices with 1A output and a Micro USB port that taken in 1A input to charge the power bank. Front features a power button to turn on the device and a single LED notification light to notify the power status.

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Concerning performance, the device was quite useful to charge up my small devices like a Bluetooth speaker, smartwatches, fitness band and smartphones a bit. It wouldn’t be justified if you expect it to charge your devices fully. You can charge your devices to a little bit when you are need of and can stay connected with friends and family.

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When put on testing, it took around 2 hours to fully juiced up and gives an output of 1A when used. Sadly, it doesn’t support pass-through charging; that means you cannot charge your smartphones or other devices when power bank is powering itself.

The power bank is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and the most 5V input digital devices.

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The device comes in white color and covered under a year warranty. Definitely, it is not high in capacity but can be an excellent aid in critical scenarios. Undoubtedly, the potent power bank has the best portable design and ideal to use it in an emergency which makes it a worthy investment.