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Touching on the Monitors of Tomorrow: 6 Benefits of Touchscreen Technology


Staying in touch has a new meaning in today’s technological world. Nowadays, you can keep in touch with loved ones by harnessing the power of touchscreen technology.

From phones and tablets to computers and laptops, touchscreen technology is commonplace in our devices and lives. This design feature gives users accessibility, ease of use, speed, durability, easy maintenance, and added security.

If you’re still not sold on the touchy-feely side of today’s tech, here are six benefits of touchscreen technology that might convince you otherwise.

Touch is for everyone

Thanks to touchscreen technology, everyone can easily use their electronic devices, regardless of disability or fine motor impairments.


For instance, disabled individuals might struggle using a traditional keyboard or mouse due to difficulty gripping or stabilizing their hands. Touchscreen technology offers these individuals more efficient and effortless navigation by cutting out the middleman.

The Wow Computer, for example, is a touch-screen-enabled product designed with disabled seniors in mind. The computer has a five-minute setup, touchscreen monitor, and a simple interface for ease of use. Difficulty using a traditional computer doesn’t mean that you should be cut off from all things cyber, and touchscreen tech is helping bridge that gap.

Ease of use

Even if you don’t have trouble with the typical mouse-and-keyboard setup, touchscreen technology might still feel like a more intuitive alternative. By navigating with your fingers, you eliminate bulky hardware for a more seamless browsing experience.

Typically, touchscreen devices offer wider display screens, which aid navigation because users have a larger area to click around and view. As mentioned above, ease of use is also critical for improving the accessibility of our technology.


Gone are the days of dragging a mouse around your desk and double-clicking every time you want access to a new page. With a touchscreen, you can click directly on the application you wish to access, click to open a new tab, and so on.

Touch navigation significantly reduces your downtime because a computer mouse can freeze up and cause long delays. This feature is especially beneficial if you need to amp up your computer’s speed for work because you can hasten workflow productivity. You’ll never wait on a lagging mouse to catch up again.

Easy to maintain

Touchscreen devices come with sleek, flat screens, which are typically made of glass. These modern, elegant designs make them prone to smudging but equally easy to clean. A quick wipe with a wet paper towel or glass cleaner is all you need to keep your device looking brand-new.


Since touchscreen devices rely on their screens for functionality, the companies that design them build them to last.

Most touchscreen devices come with screen protectors and cases to ensure maximum safeguarding. Plus, many touchscreen devices have adapted to incorporate weather-resistant materials, making them durable for all conditions.

With these types of machines, you don’t have to worry about keyboards or mice malfunctioning, and you can rest assured that you’ve made a quality investment.


Nowadays, many touchscreen devices come with touch-activated security measures. Take Apple, for example. The company’s phones feature touch identification to unlock the device. This precaution adds a layer of security to ensure user information’s protection.

Other touchscreen technology also permits facial recognition and gesture cues that companies might implement for more security measures.

Wrap Up 

While you might have fun tapping away at your touchscreen devices, the technology provides more benefits than what meets the eye (or the fingertip).

Touchscreen technology can make electronic devices more accessible to users with disabilities, provide ease of use, easy maintenance, security, durability, and improve speed. Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal on your next visit to the electronics store.