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Torrent websites blocked in India, users can face Rs. 3 lakh fine and 3 years jail

Torrent websites blocked

Recent news bears bad tidings for the Torrent lovers as the URL has not only been blocked, but the government has imposed a Rs. 3 lakh fine and three years in jail for offenders. This is one aspect of Digital India that is not necessarily famous. A report said that Govt. of India has made their attack against piracy and porn more aggressive. It says that any Internet user who opens up any blocked URL or views any torrent file can face jail time of up to 3 years, and pay a fine of Rs 3 lakh. Before this, the uploaders of pirated content on websites or torrent sites were considered criminals and were susceptible to legal prosecution. However, the latest warning poses a threat to downloaders also.

Communities are now globally buzzing with inquiries of how to bypass such laws in India, and about the tricks which can save the users from a likely jail term.

What the hell can be done about this new torrent law? from india

The warning is most likely a vague attempt to discourage potential violators of rules to open any blocked URL. However, the warning seems rigid and reportedly the authorities have been given the hand to arrest and prosecute the violators.

Experts of the dark web have started suggesting using VPNs located in foreign places in case anyone wants access to URLs that are banned or torrent websites. However, it is advisable to keep off from the prohibited websites for the time being.

Because the laws mentioned may be ambiguous, but the threats presented are real. The news may come as a shock for the freeloaders, but the step has been taken to ensure fairness and must be adhered to. It may be questionable that the government is taking such stern actions to protect intellectual property that usually caters to an affluent part of the society and is relatively lenient on the others, but it is fair, nonetheless.

This shows that the Digital India campaign focusses on not only technological developments but also the legal aspects of it.

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