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Top itel Deals for Amazon Prime Day: Unveiling the Best Discounts!

With Amazon Prime Day fast approaching, those seeking cutting-edge display technologies should keep an eye out for itel, one of the leading brands of Bharat. In anticipation of this exciting event, we have handpicked a selection of must-have itel products that will be available at incredible prices during Amazon Prime Day. Don’t miss out on these amazing deals and elevate your smartphone experience with itel!

Exclusively for Prime members, Phase 1 of the pre-booking period for the itel A60s and P40+ smartphones will start on 11th July at 12:00 PM (IST) and end on 14th July at 10:00 PM (IST). During this limited-time offer, customers can pre-book these cutting-edge smartphones by paying just INR 499, securing their chance to purchase the devices. If customers successfully pre-book the itel A60s and P40+, they will have the opportunity to purchase their desired device starting from 14th July at 12:00 PM (IST) until midnight. This exclusive purchasing window ensures that pre-booked customers can complete their order and secure their brand-new itel smartphone without delay.

Customers who have already booked their itel A60s and P40+ at INR 499 can purchase the devices from 14th July 12:00 PM (IST) until 14th July midnight.

For those who missed the pre-booking offer, the final open sale for the itel A60s and P40+ will take place on 15th July. The open sale will be accessible to all customers, allowing them to purchase these remarkable smartphones. Now everyone can enjoy the exceptional features and attractive pricing of the itel A60s and P40+.