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Top five devotional songs apps for Android and iOS smartphones

Each religion, be it Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, or Jewish, has its tradition with devotional hymns. These songs are chanted in a particular rhythm sustained for a long period, giving its devotees a mystical experience. There are a plethora of apps on the Google Play Store as well as App Store that allows you to enjoy Bhajan, Kirtan, and Aarti in different languages. Enlisted few are perfect devotional songs apps that would save your browsing time:

1. Hindi Bhajan/Bhajan:

A beautiful and soothing way to start your day is by listening to the devotional songs downloaded from this app. This app by Gaana has an amazing collection of Hindi devotional songs which you can hear anytime, anywhere through your smartphone. There are various categories classified like the most popular devotional music of all times, songs by famous devotional music artists, chants and more. So you can easily search a song and save your favorites in your personal playlist. Their collection includes Krishna Bhajans, Shiva Bhajans, Ganesha Bhajans, Sai Baba Bhajans, Hanuman Chalisa, Durga Bhajans, Rama Bhajans and much more. Through this app, you can even watch videos of your favorite bhajans.

Price: Free
Availability: iOS and Android

2. 1000 Bhakti Songs:

This is another melodious Bhajans app. You can download and listen to your favorite devotional songs even if you are offline. This app has a collection of Krishna Bhajans, Lord Shiva Bhajans, Ganesha and Ganpati Bhajans, Sai Baba Bhajans, Hanuman Chalisa, Sunder Kand, Maa Durga Bhajans & Chalisa, and more. Besides the downloading option, users can also view lyrics of bhajan to spell the words correctly. All in all, this app has all features making it a perfect devotional songs app.

Price: Free
Availability: Android and iOS

3. Tamil Devotional Songs Pro:

Tamil Devotional Songs Pro

Singing holy hymn and recitation of mantras are religious activities. Now you can listen and download Tamil Devotional Songs through this app. Once downloaded, you can listen to your favorite songs  anytime, anywhere, even in offline mode. Based on your preference, you can create a playlist and play it in a loop, single, or shuffle mode. This app even suggests songs on the basis of Tamil/Hindu/National festivals and auspicious days. Users can set an alarm by setting a devotional music piece directly through this app. Now start your morning by chanting the name of God.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

4. Amman Devotional Song:

This app is named after the famous Amman Song of South India. A vast collection of South Indian devotional songs is listed here. The app gives access to the play and pause button from the screen widget only. The listed playlist songs can be heard even if the display is turned off, just like Google Play; thereby saving battery. Amman Devotional Song app can also be used as an alarm clock by setting up the timer.

Price: Free
Availability: Android

5. Bhajans Book: Devotional Songs:

Apt for beginners, this app has an extensive library of bhajans, mantras and Arati lyrics for Ganesha, Ayyapan, Rama, Guru, Shiva, Amman, Murugan, Krishna, Shirdi, Sathya Sai, Narayana, Sarvadarma and more. The lyrics of the bhajan are constantly displayed on the screen that would help you learn quickly. You can even sing and record a holy song by clicking on the Record Song button. Later if desired, the recorded sacred music can be uploaded onto this app. Other features include Quote of the Day, Zoom In/Out, Lyric Only Page, Audio Samples and more. This app has over 400 bhajans, mantras, and arathi lyrics to choose from.

Price: Free
Availability: iOS and Android

It is said that God resides in each one of us. Do you believe in this? I do. Singing holy rhymes kick off the day with a fresh and soothing mind. If not singing, you can easily download and listen to devotional songs. The above-mentioned apps have a vast collection of religious songs. You just name it. They have it all. Do not forget to make your grandmoms happy by downloading her favorites through these apps.