Top Fitness Apps every fitness freak must checkout

As you’d acknowledge, exercising regularly not only makes you fit but also aids in good mental health. And for all health freaks out there, there are tons of fitness apps in the market that help build stamina and maintain weight through regular workout sessions.

In this article, we bring you some amazing fitness apps for Android & iOS that will help you getting in shape and maintaining it all along.

Best Fitness Apps for Enthusiasts

1. Endomondo – Running & Walking

Endomondo- Best Fitness Apps

Cardio exercises can usually get boring. And this is where Endomondo comes to the rescue. Notably, it lets you track running, walking, cycling, and more than 60 other sports activities using GPS. Simply set your fitness goals in the app, and it’ll help you achieve them in the minimum possible time.

After each session, you get to see your workout duration, speed, distance covered, calories burnt, and other information. It’ll also give you audio feedback on distance and pace at every mile or kilometer. The app works seamlessly with other apps and wearables, including Google Fit, Samsung Health, Garmin Connect, Fitbit, TomTom MySports, etc. It can also be paired with Bluetooth heart rate monitors and cadence sensors.

Moreover, Endomondo lets you go social with your fitness achievements- you can view your friend’s fitness goals, their achievements and even challenge them for a race directly through the app. With the slew of features onboard, it’s easily one of the best fitness apps available at the moment.

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2. C25K- 5K Running Trainer

C25K- Best Fitness Apps

C25K is a very easy-to-use training companion app that has been featured in multiple publications. For starters, it offers an eight-week program where you get trained for 30 minutes, each day for three days a week to finish a 5k training plan which takes you to the half marathon.

In layman terms, the app lets you gradually progress toward a 5 kilometer run over eight weeks, also known as the ‘Couch to 5K’ plan. The session begins with gentle jogging which slowly transforms into fast-paced running.

Beginners can run alternate days to give ample rest to the body. And after each workout, you can track your calories and total distance covered. You can also connect it with music apps like Spotify and Pandora to enjoy your favorite music while training. C25K also offers a built-in subscription that gets you new music curated from top DJs, scientifically proven to increase motivation by about 35%.

So, no need to shed extra bucks on gym training, cardio classes, or buying expensive training equipment. Simply download the app on your Android or iOS phone and eight weeks is all you need to get in shape and increase your stamina performance.

Android (Free) iOS (Free)

3. FitNotes – Gym Workout Log

FitNotes- Best Fitness Apps for Android

FitNotes is an ad-free workout tracker that focuses on simplicity and can be used by any age group without any hassles. It carries a vast range of exercises in its database, including categories like chest, back, legs, followed by training programs like Olympic Lifts, Plyometric, and Abs Training, etc.

You can create your custom category of exercises, based on the areas which you need to work on. As of now, it offers two different recording and exercise modes including ‘Resistance’ which records workout in weight and reps, followed by ‘Cardio’ which records training sessions in distance and time. This app is for both women and men, as despite the misconceptions, weight lifting is growing in popularity among women.

You can create a custom routine for quick access to commonly used exercises. Plus, there’s also an option to set reminders for training logs so that you don’t miss out on any workout session. So, download the app, set up a routine, and follow it rigorously to achieve your desired fitness goals.

Android (Free)

4. JEFIT Workout Tracker

Jefit- Best Fitness Apps

JEFIT Workout Tracker is aimed at body-building with strength plans for home exercises & body weight lifting. It’s a workout tracking planner app that provides a collection of free fitness programs to help you stay fit and get the most out of your sessions, be it at home or gym.

You can learn from over 1300 demonstrations from experts to follow your training suite. Plus, it’s got customized workout programs made for three, four, or five-day split, fat loss, strong-lifts, 5×5, starting strength, bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, and more. You can even set your own program based on what you want to focus on.

Jefit lets you track stats of your exercises, set custom time & intervals, and share workouts with your friends. You can also join Jefit’s monthly fitness challenge to win cash prizes and get motivated to complete your goals.

Android (Free) iOS (Free)

5. Runtastic Workout & Fitness Apps


Runtastic offers a bunch of fitness apps including a dedicated Home Workout planner, Running Tracker, and a Pedometer app to track steps.

The Home Workout app can help you do quick, focused workouts at your home, without any equipment. You can use it to build muscles, lose weight, or just to get fit enough without the need of going to any classes or gym. And it’s got over 180 high-definition videos, including detailed instructions to guide you through your workouts.

The Running Tracker, on the other hand, tracks your running while mapping your distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned, and more amongst other stats. There is a unique shoe monitoring feature in the app which lets you know the correct time to replace the old ones with a new pair. And then, there’s a live cheering feature that enables your friends to cheer & motivate you during workout sessions.

If you’re more into walking, you can use Runtastic’s Steps app to stay active and burn calories to lose the desired weight. You can track daily steps, walking distance, calories burned & active minutes right through your phone without the need for any fitness tracker or watch. Plus, you can add your daily fitness goals and can also connect them with Google Fit app.

Android (Free) iOS (Free)

Final Words

So these were some of the best fitness apps you can download for your Android and iOS smartphone. Out of all, my personal choice is Runtastic for its dedicated apps for home workouts, running, and step tracking. Anyway, what’s your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below.