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top fitness apps

Walking and Running are considered the best exercise for the human body. This app is one of the top-rated fitness apps that keeps a track of the user’s runs, walks, rides, etc. This personal fitness app keeps track of more than 40 different sports using GPS. You just need to set your fitness goals and the app will help you achieve your goals in minimum possible time. Workout summary is produced after each workout session which flashes the duration, speed, distance, calories burnt, etc. During walking or running, audio feedback about the speed and distance is given after each km/mile.

The app works seamlessly with Bluetooth heart rate monitors that track the heart rate too. You can share and post your fitness achievements on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can even view your friend’s fitness goals and their achievements through the same platform. You can even challenge a friend for a race and fix a suitable time for the same. Download the app, get a plus size waist trainer, and start working towards your fitness goal now.

Price: Free

Availability: iOS l Android

FitNotes – Gym Workout Log:

Are you a couch potato? Are you a fitness freak? Well, if yes. We have a few amazing fitness apps that will help you getting in shape and further maintaining it. Fitness apps feature various workout sessions that will help users build stamina. Regular exercise habit not only makes you healthy physically but also makes you fit mentally. Now have a look at various such fruitful health-related apps.

Couch to 5K by RunDouble:

This training companion app follows a 5k training plan which takes you to the half marathon. In other words, this app enables users to achieve the goal of running 5k in just 9 weeks. The app follows the very popular Couch to 5K plan. The schedule starts with gentle jogging moving onto fast-paced running. For beginners, you can run alternate days so that ample rest is also given to the body. Now no need to shed extra bugs on gym training, Zumba classes or on buying expensive training instruments. Losing weight and getting in shape could never be easier. This app is not only supported by Android and iOS smartphones but also works with smartphone wearable.

The various programs offered by the app include – Couch to 5K, Zero to 10K, Five to 10K, 5K improver, Interval training, 10K event training, Half marathon event training and Varying length “Fun Runs”, from 1 km to 10 miles. Gradually moving to tougher programs will help trainees build stamina. The app successfully runs in the background even once the screen is switched off. The app is capable of tracking the runners time, distance and speed which is announced at the end of the interval. Previous run records can be easily tracked and viewed at any time. So set up your favorite music tracks and start running.

Price: iOS (Rs. 190) l Android (Free)

Availability: iOS l Android

Endomondo – Running & Walking:

This health and fitness app is popular for its quick results. FitNotes is a simply designed workout tracker app that carries a huge range of Exercise database. Ranging from Olympic Lifts, Plyometric, and Abs Training, etc. all kinds of training programs are listed here. You can create your exercise list on the basis of the areas which you need to work on. There are two different recording and exercise modes that the app follows-

  1. Resistance – in this mode the app records the workout in weight and reps.
  2. Cardio – in this mode the app records the training session in distance and time.

You can set reminders for training logs so that you don’t tend to miss any workout session. Set up a routine and follow the same rigorously to achieve desired fitness goals.

Price: Free

Availability: iOS l Android

JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log:

Now no need to worry about your health when you can have a personal gym trainer in your pocket. Millions of users around the globe have joined the JEFIT family which motivates them to stay fit. The apps start the workout routine which simple training regime and gradually move to tougher sessions. The app possesses more than 1300 exercises that are apt for both bodybuilders and regular gym goers.  JEFIT injects social-driven motivation among its members wherein you can share and compare your progress with others. This pocket trainer will not only save the cost of a real trainer but also boast you to move towards the path of healthy living.

Price: Free

Availability: iOS l Android

Progression Fitness Tracker:

The aim of Progression Fitness Tracker app is to help users move forward in Gym and in life too. The app has various built-in programs, from which you can choose one for yourself and follow it. The app is integrated with Google drive which creates a backup of all workout sessions conducted so far. The statistics page of the app keeps the track of the progress made so far.

Starting from scratch and moving onto heavy exercises would motivate you to further push yourself and perform better. Rest timer feature would enable you to set adequate rest intervals (neither too short nor too long) in between workouts. There are different fun exercises too that adds a fun element to the entire workout session. The general statistics feature of the app will bifurcate and show the exercise time devoted to each body part. Download this simple and beautiful fitness tracking app and Workout on the fly.

Price: Free

Availability: Android

Runtastic Running & Fitness:

Runtastic Running & Fitness app works seamlessly with the GPS tracker. The tracker records the running session distance, speed, and duration. This is an all-around fitness app that keeps a track of various physical activities like running, jogging, cycling, walking, etc. Set up your fitness goals and follow the training schedules strictly in order to move towards a healthier lifestyle. The app even allows users to receive some fruitful tips and tricks to achieve their fitness goals within the stipulated time.

There is a unique shoe tracking feature in the app which enables users to know the correct time to replace the old ones with a new pair. Not only this you can have a look at the overall monthly metrics keeping a track record of pace, speed, heart rate, distance, number of workouts, duration and calories burned. There is live cheering feature which enables your friends to cheer and motivate you during a workout session.

Price: Free

Availability: iOS l Android

I hope the above-mentioned fitness apps will help you move towards the path of healthy living. Give priority to your health over everything and start working out with the help of these apps now.


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