Top Fast Food Apps all foodies must check out right now

Junk Food is all about satisfying your cravings and we have curated the best fast food apps for greasier eateries that are more fattening than nutritional meals. Burgers, Pizza’s, French fries are everyone’s all-time favorite munchies which we can have even when are stomach is full. So be a foodie and enjoy your favorite stuff, forgetting about those unwanted calories. Android has a few amazing fast food restaurants app through which you can easily browse their menu and place order. Let us throw light on a few apps:

Domino’s Pizza: Fast Food Apps for Pizza Lovers

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This fast food app is confined to India and Sri Lanka. After installing you need to register by entering your valid name and contact details. Through this app you can easily view the menu of mouth-watering pizzas, side snacks, deserts and even drinks. You can take your time and prepare your cart as desired. All the prevailing offers and discount coupons can be easily applied while checking out. The menu is constantly updated once their new range of pizzas is introduced. The recent one being the Chef’s exotic range. Yummy…!

The 30 minute of delivery policy is applicable on all orders placed through mobile application. Now no need to waste time in looking for Dominos menu pamphlets, just click on this app, browse the menu, place order and then sit back and relax. Your relishing servings would reach you hot within 30 minutes of your order time.

Price: Free | Download: Here

Pizza Hut:

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Another fast food restaurant offering a convenient way to fulfill your junk cravings. It is a very fun and convenient app just a few taps away. Well, if you are looking to fulfill your cheesy pizza cravings this app has got everything for you. You can choose your dishes from wide range of pizza, tangy pasta and exotic garlic breads. There are exclusive ‘just for you’ offers for each app user through which you can avail exclusive offers and even apply discount coupons. This app has a pizza tracker feature through which you can easily track the status of your order.

Pizza Hut App even saves your previous orders so that you can make a quick re-order of your favorites. Through its all new ‘trending feature’ you can easily keep a check on what others are eating and liking. We have more fast food apps waiting for you down below!

McDelivery App:

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There are two separate fast food apps for North and East India and South and West India each. This app has been introduced by McDonald’s for making your ordering experience easier than ever before. You can easily keep a track of new items being introduced by McDonald’s in recent time and try them. You can view the menu, select your order and place it directly through this app. From single burgers, meals, ice-creams, fries, wrap’s to drinks everything you can have at home in just one click. It also has a tracking feature through you can track where your yummy burgers have reached.

McDelivery’s promises to deliver hot servings giving maximum time limit of 45 minutes. Up to five best orders can be saved for quick re-order and check-out.

KFC India:

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According to KFC, Hunger can catch up to you at any time! So in order to meet up that hunger you need to be prepared in advance. Get ready and download the KFC app out of our fast food apps list if you are a chicken fan. Through this app you have a great chance to have delicious fast food at your fingertips in a jiffy. They promise to deliver hot and crunchier chicken at your doorstep. Whenever hunger strikes, wherever you are, KFC would be there to serve you. You can avail exclusive deals and offer of the day easily through this app while checking out.

KFC app can easily store multiple addresses for smooth and faster dispatch of the orders. It even memorizes and stores past orders placed helpful in quick-reordering. What’s trending is another cool feature through which one can keep a track of what others are eating and liking.

Price: Free | Download: Here.

New! Café Coffee Day:

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Hey, wake-up coffee lovers; see what android has got in for you. CCD is one the India’s largest coffee chains. This app basically rewards its customers and fans for every purchase in CCD. You can earn 10% as Beans from your every purchase and then later easily redeem the Beans earned for future Beverage purchases using fast food apps of CCD.

Now you need not to carry cash at CCD when you have an option of scanning your phone the cash counter and make payment through the LIME wallet existing in to the app. An additional 10% of your purchase is added to the LIME wallet as Beans. There are many ‘just for you’ offers that are dropped into the app just for App users. You can use the offer coupons to grab additional discounts while placing the order. CCD is a happening place to hang out with friends as a lot can happen over a cup of coffee.

Papa john’s Pizza India:

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Another Pizza joint App offering home delivery of your favorite flavored pizza. Papa John’s is known for its authentic flavor’s they add to their pizzas. Now you can order pizza for lunch party or weekend parties with friends and family. They have entire menu of relishing delicacies pizzas, sides, drinks and deserts all listed, from which you can make choices and place order. This fast food app is equipped with better pizza handling options. Authentic flavor, better ingredients, better pizza what else one want’s? Isn’t it?

Winding Up The List of Best Fast Food Apps

Meet your mid-day hunger by using these best screened fast food apps. You can place order and make payment in advance through the app. These official Android apps are improving and speeding up their processes to serve customers even better. People who struggle while cooking these apps are designed for them. They can fulfill their hunger in just few touches away. All Android fast food apps are designed to make our life easier and these are amongst them only. I am starving after writing this article, I am going to place order for my Pizza through the Domino’s App. And you?

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