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Top Apps to use when Traveling

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Travellers rely on their smartphones more than ever when it comes to planning and taking vacations. Travel apps aren’t only for getting ideas. They’re also for booking and handling practicalities, such as making dinner reservations or finding a great fitness class wherever you’re travelling to next. The travel experts at Luggage Delivery Company have compiled a list of the best apps to use when travelling. These days there are apps for everything from last-minute hotel bookings to guidebooks and foreign-language dictionaries. Apps can assist you in navigating a new location, converting currencies, packing a perfect bag, and even providing on-the-ground local knowledge. There’s an app for just about everything you’ll need on the road.

Eight Fantastic Travel Apps


Have you ever had a flight delayed or canceled? Have you ever been bumped off a flight because of overbooking? AirHelp will be right up your alley if these are situations you’ve experienced in the past. Compensation for such events is available in both the United States and the European Union. However, it’s a time-consuming procedure, and only around 1% of travellers who are eligible for compensation actually receive it.

This software simplifies the procedures needed to get that compensation. Instead of hours, it can help you in a matter of minutes. Often times before you even leave the airport. Provide your flight information and a few facts regarding the issue, and AirHelp will handle the rest. If your claim is resolved and you receive compensation, AirHelp will charge a small fee for the service.


The Hostelworld app performs everything you’d expect an accommodation booking software to do — searches, descriptions, and filters — and it looks great doing it. The full-screen interactive map makes it simple to see the exact location of the hostel you are booking. No more wondering if your accommodation will be close enough to what you want to see. Just a few taps and you can book the right accommodation and be confident it will be exactly what you need.


Via Airbnb, you can rent individual rooms, couches, or a whole apartment from locals. Airbnb is one of the best options if you’re looking for a good compromise between hostels and hotels. You’ll also get the social component of a hostel if you stay with locals. The app performs all of the functions of the website but at your fingertips. It’s a far more efficient manner of communicating with your host.


When looking for low-cost flights, try out Skyscanner. The smartphone app examines millions of flights from over 1,200 sources and then recommends the optimal route (whether it’s the cheapest or the most convenient). The convenient chart function allows you to see the cheapest days or months to travel to your destination and notifies you when prices change.


Last-minute hotel room deals are available through HotelTonight. It’s straightforward to use, and booking a room takes only a few minutes. You may search by city, attraction, or location on the map, read reviews and see photographs from other visitors. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s a great app when you are stranded somewhere and require a last-minute hotel.


TripIt is a tool that assists you in planning your next trip. Forward your hotel, restaurant, flight, and car rental confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com, and the information will be immediately transferred to your user board, allowing you to examine all of your forthcoming arrangements in one place. When you upgrade to the pro version, the app will locate alternate routes if your flights are cancelled and give you automated airline notifications regarding flight delays, cancellations, and more. It is the ideal app to have if you travel frequently and have a lot of bookings to keep track of.


In Asia, OpenRice is where you go for business reviews, much like Yelp in North America. It displays the most popular restaurants in a city and their reviews, menus, and booking numbers. It’s a better resource than Yelp in Southeast Asia as most of the major hubs are included. Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines are all represented with more on the way. The website’s power is at your fingertips, thanks to the app.

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is a convenient way to keep track of your trip expenses. This software has now surpassed all others in terms of functionality. It makes expenditure tracking less of a hassle. You can arrange your costs by trip or month, create a daily budget, and add expenses quickly. When you receive a bill or receipt, pull out your iPhone, use the Quick Add screen to enter the amount, and you’re done.


The app industry is constantly developing, and there are currently numerous travel applications available that make travelling easier. They enable you to travel more efficiently, for less money, and more extended periods. The travel apps listed above are among the finest and should be downloaded to your phone before your next trip.

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