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Top apps that MBA students should use

If you are considering an MBA or you are about to embark on your adventure as a new MBA student, it is essential that you know the top software apps available to you. Using apps can enhance your course, and their utilization can make your life a whole lot easier too. If you want to do the best you can in your finance mba online, consider the following apps to help you with everything from tracking assignments to managing group collaboration projects.


This app is used mainly for editing spreadsheets in real-time. AirTable is a completely cloud-based app and offers both mobile and laptop compatibility. Not only this, but you can have multiple people logged onto the same sheet, which makes it easier to work with each other even when you aren’t together. Data entry is simple, and you can build tables at the touch of a button. You may already have a spreadsheet set up, and if this is the case, you can download it onto AirTable. Otherwise, it is easy to make your own or find a template that works for you and your group. When you are completing a data-driven task, AirTable can provide very useful.


Managing your time as an MBA student is probably one of the most important things you will do, so finding a task management app that can help manage your time is essential. This is a simple app that aims to help you make better use of your spare time and work around any other commitments including work and family. Juggling an MBA alongside other things takes time and a hard-working individual, so using Any.do to help you manage your schedule is a great idea. The app even syncs with your Google account, so anything on your Google calendar will automatically be added to Any.do.


One of the simplest and most well-designed meeting apps out there, Doodle can help you chose times that work best for you and your group to meet up. Doodle provides the option of choosing times for the meeting, so everyone can have their say and you can decide on the time between you. This is also a great way to store any meetings with your tutor, as you will regularly have to meet with them to discuss where you are up to with your assignments and for feedback.


When completing an MBA, you want to be as professional as possible and avoid using regular social media platforms to communicate with those on your course. Slack is a platform for communicating so that you and your group can start a conversation about your group project or run ideas past one another. You can even create a discussion based around a topic, and message individuals or the group. To make it easier to see what is going on, you can create a regular channel and then topic-based channels for the different parts of the project, so nobody is getting unwanted messages.


Dropbox is the ultimate way to save and send files from anywhere. You can download Dropbox on any of your devices, meaning you can access your own documents from your laptop, tablet or even cell phone. This is much simpler than emailing files across, and if you are sharing a large file, Dropbox uses cloud storage, meaning you won’t have to use unnecessary storage on your devices. Having everything for your MBA in one place that can be accessed from anywhere is ideal, especially in a technological disaster.

Roambi Analytics

Presenting business data when you have not done so in years can be difficult to master, so Roambi Analytics is here to help. This app is available on iPhones and may be exactly what you need to help you in your next business presentation. This app allows you to enter statistics and data, and it can transform these into visuals and charts for you! It can input data from a variety of sources and is used around the globe by many businesses. This app can even be used offline, so you can input data in a hurry. For those who struggle with their presentation skills, look no further.


Another group project app perfect for business students, Trello is a great organization tool when you want to see who is doing what and when. Someone needs to take charge in a group, and this app helps the team leader organize their group work efficiently. Trello allows you to create a set of cards in three stages – to do, currently doing and done. This means the whole group can see exactly where everyone is and what is still to do. Group members can see who may be slacking and offer help to others too. On Trello, you can also assign responsibilities for different members and add the date they need to be completed. As group work can be stressful, using a workflow collaboration tool such as this one means nobody gets left behind and everyone can do what they need to.


If you want the ability to take notes quickly and simply, Evernote is the way forward. Whilst many still prefer pen and paper, it is more difficult to write fast. And, if you are notetaking in a lecture by hand, you may miss important information. Carrying papers around all year can also be frustrating and keeping your notes in order when studying can be a pain. Evernote puts an end to all of this, letting you take notes and review them at any time. You may also add bookmarks, voice reminders, and web articles. This means everything you need to study is in one place, ready to be reviewed at the touch of a button. Add categories to your notes to find what you’re looking for much quicker.

The above apps can aid in completing your MBA and organizing your ideas, group projects and time. The business world is becoming more technologically advanced every day, so utilizing apps will bode well in your favor when looking for a job in the future.

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